Handholding the customer is our core strength: Ankit Desai, Director, CDP India

Ankit Desai, Director, CDP India

Ankit Desai, Director, CDP India lays emphasis on the cloud solutions that have been developed in-house and how the company is well-equipped to address specific requirements of the customers

CDP has completed 26 years this year and with over two decades of experience, the company is today synonymous with the tag of the most trusted IT Solutions Provider that is ISO 9001certified. Having started its journey in 1991 with a team of only 5 people offering IT infrastructure solutions, currently CDP stands tall with a team of over 100 people and 2 business verticals, IT infrastructure solution and business software solutions developed by CDP’s in-house team of developers.

Growth journey
CDP’s digital business strategy has been turnkey centric in the past financial year. In the fiscal year 2016-17, the company has successfully achieved revenue of Rs. 149 crore. “Our area of expertise is how we leverage our enterprise customers from the IT Infrastructure business vertical to offer customized business software solutions targeting their specific requirements,” says Desai.

Major projects
Among the several projects, the one that stands out is the campaign management and lead management for a customer, wherein the company customized and deployed the 1CView, its in-house solution, on cloud. 1CView helps manage multiple campaigns running simultaneously through a single system. This system gave the customer real time insights on lead generation, lead status, and opportunities generated, campaign performance, integration with google analytics and live updates on the ROI. Additionally, this system also helped the customer reduce licensing costs of multiple enterprise applications for Lead Management and Analytics by obtaining all of these on a single platform hosted on cloud.

CDP has indigenously developed a solution, 1OfficeView, which transforms the office into a Smart Office. 1OfficeView is a cloud based solution that has deployment flexibility, as it can be deployed on any type of cloud. This solution reduces the mundane task for the customer to manage their office seamlessly by making the employee’s daily office infrastructure resources available on a single system. Feedback of the resources is directly shared with the maintenance department. Analytical insights are available of resource consumption. The organization’s optimization of facilities also experiences an exponential increase thus saving cost and time.

Besides, CDP has recently implemented the staging and kitting project for a leading Insurance service provider to enable mobility solutions for the customers’ sales force.

Core strengths
“We had initially started our business software solutions vertical with 1MarketView. This solution has been progressing continuously. Several new solutions have been added in 1MarketView and we are also expanding the reach of this solution geographically by integrating with International Stock Exchanges. Our flagship software solution, 1CView itself has witnessed transformations where it now serves as an agile platform,” states Desai.

Another innovative solution that has been designed by CDP on the lines of IoT is 1OfficeView. This solution is a customized solution that can be deployed by large offices that wish to optimize the use of their resources, like meeting rooms, conference rooms, private cabins, hot desks, lockers, parking space and various other office space resources. This can be customized as per the company’s utilization policy and provide the management with insightful analytics.

“We have an in-house team of developers that are capable of developing robust enterprise business software solutions. These developers are updated of the latest technologies and mobility solutions that help us deliver ultramodern solutions to customers,” asserts Desai.

1OfficeView, The Smart Office Solution, is CDP’s in-house IoT offering to enterprises for transforming their workspace. This solution caters to several pain points of the industry like mismanaged resources, anchored workspaces, increasing number of devices to manage per employee, which are all leading to increased capex.

“We are traversing hand- in-hand with our customers on the digital transformation journey. We are regularly updating our customers with the latest technologies, consulting the best practices as per the industry standards, and implementing the most suitable technology specific to their requirements,” points out Desai.


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