How firewall player GajShield is securing enterprises’ cybersecurity with critical learnings

Sonit Jain, CEO, GajShield Infotech

Firewalls have become an ideal network security solution and has always been at the forefront of combating these threats, being the first line of cyber defence for enterprises. But, the recent work culture shift, adoption of work from home setup, has exposed vulnerabilities within this setup majorly due to rushed configuration and absence of a strong security solution.

Amidst the pandemic, the cybersecurity team in organisations has faced a lot of challenges and have brought out unforeseen loopholes in their network and data security measures, ranging from securing enterprises’ remote users to taking steps to mitigate the spread of infections into the network. Organisations have realised their shortcomings and the true value of educating their employees on the basics of cybersecurity to prevent them from falling prey to target spams and attacks.

According to leading next generation Firewall solution provider, GajShield Infotech, CEO, Sonit Jain, “With the recent shift in work culture due to the pandemic, there has been a paradigm shift in the need for security solution and the way these security solutions work. Adoptions of cloud services and the need for securing the remote workforce has to be reorganised with changing infrastructures that make perimeter a concept from the past, unfit for today’s security approach. It is high time that firewall security not only upgrades but undergoes an overhaul from traditional perimeter security to a newer data security approach, with data being the most critical asset to enterprises and the primary target for cyber-attacks, being evident in the attacks carried in the recent few months.”

GajShield’s enterprise cloud solution brings home users under the head office firewall and brings deeper visibility on all data transactions on the internet. This further allows to enforce enterprise’s data security policies on them to ensure protection from data exploitation by these users.

With the decline in traditional firewall appliance, the company saw opportunity to secure cloud-based business infrastructure and Work from Home user’s the need for a solution that secured access to the enterprise’s cloud infrastructure while securing their remote working users from threats.

“Our enterprise cloud solution allowed enterprises to not only secure the access to the cloud infrastructure, but also allowed these users to be brought under the central security firewall infrastructure. It also enforced enterprise’s data security policies to ensure data security and prevent data exploitation by these users, which the top concern for enterprises,” he informs.

As a contribution towards ensuring the security of its customers, the company rolled out free limited licenses of  Enterprise Cloud to ensure security of their work from home users and enabled a 24×7 support for all customers using a remote work setup using on-call support, a descriptive step by step email support and real-time chat support from website.

The demand for security products have grown multi-folds. Enterprises have adopted the new work from home normal, creating a gap in security. This adoption has further implications with data security in particular.

Jain says, “The security software business has been good due to the recent adoption of work from home, and is set to grow more as companies reorganise and understand the need for a virtual/software security solution and the ease it brings to ensuring security to their organisation. However, the economic toll of an attack is huge and can also lead to the closure of your enterprise. Hence, the security piece has to be  the centre of all businesses in enterprise.”


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