Indore looks to become IT paradise of Central India

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The ongoing Explore Bharat series, a CRN initiative for understanding the IT sector health in non-metros, evaluates Indore’s IT market

By Sourabh Sarkar

Indore, the largest city and the commercial hub of Madhya Pradesh, is not only the ‘Cleanest City in India’ but also perhaps the most spontaneously developing IT market in central India, which caters to a significant number of surrounding cities and towns. With sustained efforts from the government as well as individual efforts from private companies, Indore promises a bright future for the IT industry in India. Silver Mall, the IT hub of Indore, is home to mid to large retailers, SIs, and service providers. Almost 18 distributors have a direct presence in the city; however, it is the regional distributors who are in charge of pushing and generating business in the market.

Being the first city to have both an IIT as well as IIM, Indore every year produces thousands of young and talented workforce, which further boost the demand for personal computers, tablets, servers, etc. The state government-run Super Corridor project has further accelerated the growth of the IT industry. Moreover, Indore has been listed among the first 20 smart cities. Overall, the city is witnessing a promising future for existing companies as well as for several startups. The e-governance projects and educational sector continue to see strong uptake of the IT business.

Rajkumar Jain, Director of Indore based Business Automation, has been in the IT business since 1989. He is a veteran in the IT market and knows the nitty gritty’s of the trade.

“Presently, we are working with the state government, central government, and corporates. We have undertaken various projects such as RAPDRP and commercial taxes security management. Large IT companies like Infosys and TCS are among the leading IT companies in the city, having huge campuses and workforce. The government plans to open more IT parks to ensure growth in this sector. This will expand the IT sector in Indore and it will become a dominant player in the economy of this city. Apart from that, the education sector is showing a lot of potential that needs to be tapped. We are looking at this area too, but are in need of skilled manpower. The market is doing well and I see a lot of opportunities that are either present or need to be explored. Indore is a highly price-sensitive market; however, we see customers willing to invest in the latest technologies,” says Jain.

The city is also witnessing an increasing number of startups day-by-day.

“There is a flurry of startups here in Indore, especially in the field of IT. Digital transformation is a welcomed change and companies are adopting digital processes. The project ‘Digital India’ is proving to be successful, which is evident with the increasing number of internet users in the city. It has encouraged companies to provide free Wi-Fi in various areas,” says Alok Ranjan, CEO, Infobyd.

Deepak Aggarwal, Director, Digital Solutions, another partner from Indore states, “The potential in this city is enormous. With this magnitude of growth in the IT industry, Indore can become the new Bangalore of India very soon.”

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