Innovation coupled with execution is key to success: Alok Gupta, Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic

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Alok Gupta, Founder and CEO, Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic shares insights into how the company has strengthened its position in the field of cyber security, digital forensics, and fraud management

Tell us about your journey as an IT solution provider?

Immediately after engineering, I and my brother Samir, jumped into the world of entrepreneurship as first generation entrepreneurs by starting an IT Services company. The startups of 1988 were very different than the startups of today.

Lack of venture capital, banks not extending loans without collaterals limited the risk taking abilities of entrepreneurs even if you had a great idea. Hence, we had to build the company brick by brick and plough back profit to grow it. After a decade VC’s got interested and funding came in. Since then, we have seeded three more startups as parallel entrepreneurs in the space of cyber security, IoT, and Data Sciences.

The journey over nearly last two decades has been a roller coaster ride with a blend of failures, successes, mistakes and learning. More importantly, the sense of satisfaction of not only helping several enterprises, SME’s and government customers build their IT foundations with our products, solutions and services but also mentoring and creating an alumni base of couple of thousand ICT professionals, ‘intrapreneurs’ and entrepreneurs during this journey.

How has been your growth in the recent times?

We are now a group of companies with Pyramid Cyber Security & Forensic leading the pack and other companies such as Samtech, Dataway, Olpoints and Institute of Data Science catching up. We have been growing every year and hope to accelerate this further.

Tell us about your business operations?

Pyramid Cyber focuses on three interrelated domains viz. Cyber Security, Digital Forensics and Fraud Management with clients in government, enterprises and SME sector in India, Middle East, Africa and United States. We have offices and operations in Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai in India and our US headquarters is at Sunnyvale, California.

As pioneers in the industry, we have helped almost all Law Enforcement Agencies in building their cybercrime and cyber forensic capabilities by setting up Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Labs and training over 1000 plus investigation officers on technical investigation skills.

We have helped several banks, FinTech companies, e-commerce, startups , IT/ITeS and enterprise customer in detecting and analyzing cyber threats and attacks under our pay as you go managed security and fraud management service offerings.

Besides having our own products/solutions, we partner with best of breed technology players such as IBM, Access Data, Logicube, Vound, Magnet, SmokeScreen, Seclore, Passware, NEC etc. to provide solutions to our customers.

What have been your major achievements / projects in the last couple of years?

We established several cyber security and forensic labs for police, investigation and intelligence agencies in last couple of years. Some of the significant ones are Hyderabad Police, Delhi Police, Maharashtra Police, Intelligence Bureau, Central Bureau of Investigation, Directorate of Forensic Science etc.

We also helped build state of the art Digital Forensic and Cyber Security capabilities for investigation and intelligence agency in Africa and Middle East. We detected and analyzed several security vulnerabilities, threats and insider frauds for our enterprise customers, since due to the nature of our work, our customers discourage us from revealing their names without permissions.

What all business innovations you have done to stay ahead of your peers in the industry?

We developed both hardware and software products in-house while leveraging the cloud, security, Blockchain, mobility and analytic technologies to differentiate our solutions. We conducted proof of concepts, took extensive feedback from prospective customers, improvised our offerings before launching them in the market.

What are your future plans?

We want to continue accelerating our growth in the current geographies and markets where are present currently viz, India, Middle East, Africa and the US. Aggressively promote our Cloud and IoT based Be-SAFE (human safety) series of solutions in the Indian and African markets. Besides, we are currently developing an interesting automated tool for detecting cyber security vulnerabilities and threats using machine learning and AI which shall be launched by next quarter.

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