Inspira’s data centre solutions allow customers to secure, monitor, orchestrate, and connect network

Manoj Kanodia, CEO, Inspira Enterprise India

Today’s data centres are highly virtualised and span multiple geographies and clouds. You need the ability to apply consistent policies and operations across your network and manage your resources as a single, cohesive infrastructure. You need to orchestrate the policies for your workloads wherever they’re running and control your network end-to-end.

Manoj Kanodia, CEO, Inspira Enterprise India, shares, “Our data centre solutions allow you to secure, monitor, orchestrate, and connect your network. They use a common management system and a single open orchestration platform, helping you manage the complexity of operating in multiple, heterogeneous environments. Our multi-cloud migration framework gives you a methods-driven approach using multi-cloud ready solutions that let you map your own path.”

The company’s solutions help to make data centre network simple to run, secure, automated, and multi-cloud ready in the following ways:

  • Simple: Inspira’s Professional Services team provides additional expertise to simplify data centre operations.
  • Secure: The company takes an embedded security approach that leverages the entire network and ecosystem to protect the most critical assets. Inspira offers extensive security and micro-segmentation solutions through physical and virtual security devices and consistent policy enforcement. You can define and manage policies from a central location to efficiently contain and alleviate threats.
  • Automated: A common automation framework helps you accelerate service deployment. Inspira’s shared framework solutions provide the capabilities and tools you need to automate networking and security policy and operations over the entire life cycle.
  • Multicloud-ready: The solutions are open and engineered with standards-based technologies, such as IPCLOS, EVPN-VXLAN, for heterogeneous environments. You can control and manage your workloads on-premises and in the cloud, whether they run on virtual machines, containers, or bare metal servers. And your entire infrastructure is intent-driven from the ground up.


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