Mukesoft plans implementing IoT and Big Data projects in next one year

Vishal Mehta, Director, Mukesoft IT Consultants
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The business challenges are significant in the fast growing technology market. Organisations like Mukesoft have not only consolidated their position in the market but have also grown by focusing on right planning, skills and technologies. Mukesoft IT Consultants is one of the fastest growing software development and consultancy organisations providing comprehensive solutions to businesses.

Tailor-made solutions
The company specialises in providing custom-made eCommerce solutions, strategy consulting, web application development, Rich Internet Application Development, Search Engine Optimisation, system analysis, design and development, system integration, software testing, Quality Assurance services, and many more. According to Vishal Mehta, director, Mukesoft IT Consultants, “We are experts in mobile app development and managed cloud hosting. We believe in upgrading our team with the latest technologies and trends. We just don’t provide a product or service; we provide the best available solution for the functional requirements. We have developed mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows platforms for different industries like restaurant, telecom, and social networking, etc. We are the partner with AWS Cloud hosting from last five years and delivering solutions to the client on latest technologies.”

Today new and emerging technologies are rapidly advancing and changing the way companies work. These changes are creating new opportunities for businesses that are willing to embrace new skills. “It helps us explore and expand faster as compared to traditional solutions. We as solution provider being in the IT industry have to keep upgrading with emerging technologies,” explained Mehta.

Speaking about one of the cases where Mukesoft has made a difference to its customers, Mehta states,” One of our customers from the US came up with an innovative idea for the hospitality industry, to make a change in the way the industry works. We being an IT company work as technology partner to the customer and provide complete technology solutions under one roof – from creative design, logo, cloud hosting, website, admin panel to managed business, business intelligence report, mobility solutions and IoT implementation.”

Skill enhancement and upgrading
In order to implement solutions around next generation technologies, the company organises knowledge sharing sessions to address next generation technologies. “We invite friends and consultants working in next generation technologies to our company and arrange to meet with existing teams, making them aware of and motivate them to adapt to new technologies. Skill enhancement and upgrading is a key to success in implementing next generation technologies,” he states.

Highlighting the challenges, he says, “We face challenges in finding the quality resource with skill upgrading attitude.”

Upskilling and reskilling of the internal team is an important activity for the company. “Upskilling and reskilling is a continuous process and we do evaluation of the internal team. Going for certification for upgrading skills helps,” says Mehta.

Future road map
In the last few years, Mukesoft has added three enterprise customers and the business has been growing in a healthy manner. The future plans include implementing IoT and big data projects in the next one year.

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