New tech bring many opportunities for Silicon Netsecure

Tushar Parekh, Managing Director, Silicon Netsecure

Silicon Netsecure is a Mumbai based information security services provider and partner. The company specialises in information security, storage and backup solutions, DR, virtualisation, business continuity and emailing solutions.

Main focus
Silicon Netsecure mainly focuses on data leakage prevention, encryption, SIEM, lPS, Firewalls, APT, MDM, SLB and GSLB solutions, IAM and PIM solutions, and cloud solutions. Tushar Parekh, Managing Director, Silicon Netsecure, says, “Our focus has been on networks and information security solutions. Our clients gain from this specialisation as they attempt to measure and manage information risk in an increasingly complex business and operating environment. Our customer-centric strategic business units are consulting, technical services, managed security services and implementation, and product services.”

The company is committed to continuous customer-centric innovation. It develops its innovative network security and cloud solutions on the fundamental belief that customers need converged, easy to manage, and reliable solutions that provide them with the capacity and security to maximise business opportunities. “As a practice, we have started deep selling in our strategic accounts with a focus on recurring revenue product lines. Our primary focus has been on cyber security practice. With the current onset of ransomware issues, we have gained a lot from client consulting services. We have also started our own private cloud infrastructure as one of the solutions for our clients. This has helped us provide business continuity solutions to new and existing clients and also generate good recurring revenue,” shares Parekh.

New technologies bring opportunities
Today new and emerging technologies bring a lot of opportunities to the IT sector and Silicon Netsecure is not an exception. Parekh acknowledges, “As security has become the main trend in any customer scenario, these new technologies help us in getting many opportunities for upgradation at clients’ place on their security front, starting from machine learning to deep learning on AV/anti ransomware products and so on. In the web world, connecting the periphery, security is also important; especially as mobility as smarter devices are coming in the customer needs to keep investing on security and hence it’s a big opportunity for a security-focused partner like us. The core focus has been on products with recurring revenue and managed services. It is a huge service opportunity and hence the profitability is very high,” he remarks.

Transformation and evolution
Silicon Netsecure believes that transformation and evolution are necessities. Parekh mentions, “We feel that with the right approach and customer landscape understanding, we can yield better RoI for customers.” The strategies that have helped the company are:

  • Best-of-breed solutions: Based on the client’s requirement, the company offers the best solutions suiting their needs. Silicon Netsecure focuses on the client’s requirement and deployment scenario and only then the right product is suggested.
  • Architecture level discussion with customers: The company only employs senior resources so when they interact with customers, they are able to pitch the right solution. All of the support staff gets trained and certified for all the products pitched across to clients. This helps the client to have the exact product required for their network and meet the expected RoI.
  • Application aware sales: Silicon Netsecure understands customer application deployment scenarios best. How customers want to deploy their applications and yield RoI on maintaining their application ecosystem securely is what it does the best.
  • Demand generation engine: The company has its own demand generation engine which generates new leads within existing clients and new clients.
  • Internal processes and enablement: It has implemented CRM for last seven years, which helps in tracking sales and support staff’s activities and also customer support tracking. This helps in calculating the RoI of each resource and clients support cost as well.
  • Proactive support: The customer support is proactive rather than reactive. This boosts the client’s confidence and helps the support renewals as fixed recurring revenue.

The biggest challenge
Parekh points out that the biggest common challenge is budget from the customer and the roadblock is that it is driven from the top. “If we do not have connection there, then we miss the opportunity. So the sales shift has to be done from CIO to CXO level for businesses,” he remarks. The company has also heavily invested in up-skilling, especially on pre-sales and thereon commercially to retain those skills. So, the whole team including sales, pre sales, and post sales have to be well trained in technologies, the business challenges and entrepreneurship.

Future roadmap
In the last two-three years, the company has witnessed 35 to 40 per cent of growth year-on-year. In the future, Parekh wants to create equity as a security partner and add more products in the portfolio and go deep with the ISO accreditation on security platform.


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