Tekzee Technologies migrates workloads of over 100 customers from different verticals

Saurabh Mehta, Director, Tekzee Technologies

Tekzee Technologies one of the leading cloud services providers in Central India, based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The company’s growth in this sector has been rapid and notable. It specialises in cloud solutions, web/app development and enterprise solutions.

Extensive customer base
Tekzee Technologies has more than 100 customers from different verticals. Saurabh Mehta, Director, Tekzee Technologies, says, “We have migrated workloads of over 100 customers from different verticals such as travel, media, finance, e-commerce, lifestyle, telecom, and education. Our team has executed traditional lift and shift migrations as well as helped clients in re-engineering their application architecture so that their applications can support anything, from real-time analytics of internet-scale data to applications with unpredictable traffic from thousands of connected Internet of Things (IoT) or mobile devices. Our deep technological expertise in cloud computing technologies helps us in architecting and building cloud native solutions, be it mobile or web applications; optimised for speed, performance, agility, high availability, and scalability. Many of our clients are serving millions of users daily with the help of our highly scalable and agile solutions.”

Rapid migration to cloud
Global availability and virtually unlimited capacity make cloud the first choice for many industries as well as government bodies. Mehta states, “Putting in capital expenditure in the procurement of hardware resources and operational expenses for maintaining a fully fledged data centre is far greater than maintaining a cloud environment, hence the industry is rapidly migrating workloads to the cloud. Now, in order to execute the complex and risky process of migration successfully, systematic planning and strategy is required. Our team specialises in executing such migrations end to end. We take care of planning, procurement, deployment, optimisation, and maintenance for our clients, thus creating a real value.” Mehta adds that the technological segment that they work in is very niche. Cloud consulting requires a specialised skill set and exposure to successfully execute the projects. “We observe good recurring profits in this line of business,” he reveals.

Implementation of best practices
Mehta lists the best practices the company follows while implementing solutions around next generation technologies:

  • Scalability: Systems/applications are expected to grow over time, and need to be built on top of a scalable architecture. Such architecture should support growth in terms of users, traffic and data size with no drop in performance
  • Fail safe and auto recovery to improve stability and efficiency
  • Loose Coupling: As application complexity increases, a desirable attribute of an IT system is that it can be broken into smaller, loosely coupled components. This means that the IT systems should be designed in a way that reduces interdependencies—a change or a failure in one component should not cascade to other components
  • Removing single point of failure by introducing redundancy
  • Optimising the cost by provisioning right-sizing, elasticity, and scaling.

Lack of awareness – a challenge
The setback of working with next generation technologies is the lack of knowledge about those technologies. Mehta points out, “Lack of awareness about the current technologies and unclear requirements are two key challenges that we face today during most of our projects. At Tekzee we keep a consulting approach from the very first interaction with clients. We try to educate our client and give them knowledge of how exactly things work. This helps in building trust and confidence with the client and aids in the identification of key pain points and their resolutions with the help of our services.”

“We are living in a technological revolution; technologies and business models are radically changing. It’s really hard to keep up with all the latest technologies. We believe in constant and continuous learning and improvement. Internal teams are facilitated, encouraged and challenged to learn something new,” he adds.

Future roadmap
The company is seeing multi-fold growth in offshore development projects. Its client base has expanded by five times in the past two-three years. In the future, Tekzee aims to provide consulting services in the domains of public cloud, private cloud, and engineering of cloud native applications.“Today the market demands agility and the demand of systems is changing radically. The demand of migration and re-engineering of legacy systems to next generation technologies such as cloud is increasing day-by-day. We are seeing adoption of cloud technologies not only in the private sector, but public sector as well. We see tremendous growth opportunities in these domains in the coming five years,” explains Mehta.


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