Aligning our services to match customer needs: Sujeet Narula, MD, Associated Business Computers


Sujeet Narula, MD, Associated Business Computers gives an insight into the company’s journey and how it has evolved over the years

Q. Briefly tell us about your journey as an IT solution provider?
In 1986, after my graduation from Delhi University, I got an opportunity in computer consumable supplies. It was a humble start but was like a dream come true. I always had a technical mind & decided to pursue a course in Computer Hardware, which made me learn maintenance and assembly of computers and that helped us in becoming distributors of IDM computers and L&T Dot Matrix Printers. Associated Business Computers had taken shape in 1988.

In 1990, we started operating from our new office in Connaught Place. In 1994, we diversified into telecommunication and started distributing STD/PCO machine. Till 2000, we were simultaneously focusing on IT distribution and system integration for our end customers but realising the challenges faced in distribution business, we decided to shift our complete focus in system integration and became solution provider for our end customers, which include names like UNDP, HUDCO, L&T, NCERT, ITL and many more. By 2002, we opened office in Haldwani with representatives in other cities.

For almost a decade, we were providing complete IT infrastructure development and maintenance solutions, then got an opportunity to develop a data centre for a cooperative bank. We were also designing and developing call interception and logging solution for a state police department. We also started providing GPS based solutions with applications like VTS and GPS technology wing started gathering momentum. Our business had spread to Myanmar, Mauritius, UAE and many more countries.

Another feather on our cap came when in 2015 we became EPSON’s authorized exclusive distributor and service provider for Delhi/NCR, Haryana and Uttarakhand for large format signage printers.

Q. Which best practices should be followed by a solution provider to become a leader in the industry?
Align the services model according to the expectations of the customer.

It is important to understand and analyze the requirements of the customer.

The practices must have origin with and synchronize with standard set of practices uniquely identifiable with the organization.

Because of limited availability of resources, the stress must be on their optimum utilization. Do not look simply for best utilization of one particular resource. Instead look for optimum utilization of all available resources.

Put stress on doing the right thing, not just doing the thing in a right way. Efficiency is important, but Effectiveness is critical.

What has been the growth of your company in the last one year ? Please provide your turnover/revenue as well.

The growth during last year has been above industry average. The T/O is around

45 crores.

Q. What has been your major achievements / projects in the last couple of years?
We have won number of prestigious awards from OEMs, leading and prominent IT/ICT print media and independant industry associations.

We are accredited partners, authorized service provider and exclusive distributors for EPSON in Delhi / NCR.

We are premium business partner and authorized service provider for HP.

We are solution providers for GPS/ VTS/ CLS/ POS devices.

We designed, developed and maintained complete IT Infrastructure including data centre for a leading bank in Uttaranchal. The solution includes Disaster Management and Recovery.

Designed, developed and maintained complete call interception and logging solution for a state police department .

We have been maintaining IT infrastructure for govt/ semi govt / PSU/ private sector all along.

Q. What are your strengths in terms of core technologies? And how do you constantly innovate to stay relevant in the market?
Our applications like VTS etc are built around GPS technology. We have been innovating in this technology by using inter device communication.

Q. Please provide us a snap-shot of your future road map in terms major projects in the pipeline, future expansion plans, looking at the global market, etc.?
Working on Building Automation Systems which will be capable of sensing the presence of personnel and thus switch off/ on devices automatically.

Working on more connected IoT solutions with-in cars.


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