Blazeclan is making its customers ‘future-ready’ to leverage cutting-edge technologies

Sanjay Bhat, COO, Blazeclan Technologies

Being a niche technology provider, Blazeclan Technologies is building its capabilities around SaaS model, DevSecOps, ML/AI capabilities, Infrastructure Resilience & Optimization, and Disaster Recovery. Sanjay Bhat, COO, Blazeclan Technologies shares the key technology trends that will be game-changer for cloud providers in 2022

CRN India: What are some of the technologies that will change the dialogue in 2022

In the IT industry, change has been driven by external events, and 2022 is no exception. Tremendous evolution is foreseen for greater sustainability, bridging the digital divide, and future-proofing the systems to prevent crisis-led threats. I believe that these aspects have given an impetus to the upheaval of networking, edge computing, and IoT. We are already witnessing the shift to edge platforms, which already promises to prevent security concerns related to IT ecosystems and technology stacks. Edge computing, combined with IoT, will simplify meeting the demand for sustainable services and process efficiency. Digital Twins is another technology archetype, which enhances decision-making and predictive analyses. It might potentially see disruption, given that it delivers robust, data-driven information for businesses to maintain their competitive edge. Last but not the least, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models are gaining utmost traction and becoming conventional to provision and deploy. It won’t be an overstatement to say that these technologies will change the way of IT operations and data workflows.

CRN India: Can you share the top 2-3 learnings of 2021? What are the new areas you ventured into, and why?

Remote work is possible and can be done with the same efficiency as we work in the office environment, except few services that need more in-person collaboration. At the same time, meeting in person is also important (if not frequently) to pass on the right message to the senior leadership in your teams.

Talent building is the key in this market to support and provide niche services. However, only hiring new talent will not take you a long way and help maintain a competitive edge. Also, when you hire, hire for emotional intelligence and not just for technical skills.

New areas we are planning to venture into are specialized cloud-native products and services (migration, implementation, and managed services) for the likes of NewRelic, CloudFlare, Dataiku, Datarobot, DataSunrise, etc.

CRN India: What are the key growth engines of your company?

I believe that the dedication of our employees to collaborate and grow as OneClan with Customer Obsession is the core of Blazeclan’s growth. What keeps the wheel turning is our members continuously upskilling themselves on the latest digital and cloud technologies through certifications.

Our freedom to work from anywhere has gained good momentum. Moreover, we have identified key opportune potential areas in the IT industry such as security, ML/AI, and hybrid cloud trend. Our partner ecosystem is aligned well and grows on these market-influencing factors, which makes us a go-to digital transformation partner with a cloud-first mindset.

CRN India: How are you strengthening your partnership, be it with OEMs and partners?

We work very closely with our key OEMs and partners right from the financial year planning, even at account level-planning, and getting them embedded in our sales cycle. This way, we can help them grow at the same time. We have planned regular connections and engagement with respective Partner Development Managers to check on the status of their commitments accorded at the start of the year. In return, our partners help us in leads from the sales perspective. Training and competency development initiatives, where they work directly with our L&D department, are done on a regular basis. They work with our TA team to acquire trained and certified talent in their respective areas with programs run across the board.

CRN India: What to look for beyond 2022. How are you preparing your company for new opportunities?

The work from home is being widely normalized and the workforce banks on the cloud for continued engagement, resource sharing, and modern security technologies. Moreover, the Indian government plans to roll out the Personal Data Protection Act or PDPA, ensuring data safety for employees as well as customers. Moreover, imminent technology trends direct organizations to make the most of datafication, virtualization, the no-code revolution, SaaSification, and ML models. Aligning with these, we are focusing on offering solutions that meet the need of the hour of our customers while making them future-ready to leverage cutting-edge technologies. Some of these solutions include SaaS model, DevSecOps, ML/AI capabilities, Infrastructure Resilience & Optimization, and Disaster Recovery. Being a niche technology provider, we have ‘Keep Learning’ as one of our values to keep pace with changing technologies in the market. We believe in focusing on what matters to our customers, not just efficient operations, to serve with due diligence.



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