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WorkKey, the flagship software brand under the parent company of Trihund Solutions, is an enterprise communication product. It adds to the growth of an organisation by bringing in clarity across official communication, visibility in terms of roles and responsibilities of employees and ensures clear accountability across the users. Workkey drastically reduces the time spent on ‘tracking’ items and immensely helps in planning and execution with its patent filed infinite level nested task structure. In an exclusive interaction, Varun Bhutani, Managing Director, WorkKey, Trihund Solutions, talks about the digital transformation possible with workflow management solutions and the the company’s roadmap.

What is the role of Digital India for tech startups?
igital India initiative for startups is a good start but needs to be supported by conscious efforts from the Government for it to be a huge success. What is required is more transparency on how Digital India can be beneficial to startups, entrepreneurs and providing more opportunities to showcasing their products. A sapling which is planted but not nurtured dies. Similarly, the Digital India plan needs to nurture the startup ecosystem by watchful individual tending which is still missing as of now.

How are you delivering the most simple and effective workflow management experience to corporates and SMBs?
A SME / SMB is usually a founder/owner led business where few people are wearing multiple hats; this translates to agility which is a desirable and needed aspect in IT. The processes do change rapidly and it is important to address the ever changing needs of the customer in the simplest effective manner. We are also able to smoothly manage legacy systems and integrate seamlessly.

Tell us about your Robotic Process Automation initiatives?
RPA is based on the idea of software robots or artificial intelligence workers. It involves the computerisation of mundane rules-based business processes done manually. These tasks are often data-heavy and include, but aren’t limited to data entry, transactions, and compliance. In RPA, AI tools coupled with Process Automation aim to enhance the current processes, RPA replicates the current processes but does not really look at the structure. This is where WorkKey comes in. Its patent filed infinite level nested task structure has the capability to consume any process. WorkKey also allows the user to radically rethink the current processes, make changes and its simple nature allows it to rapidly integrate with current legacy systems. This flexibility also allows organisations to quickly evolve these processes and implement them. WorkKey enables such experiences for enterprise and saves countless hours for leaders and team members. Startups are leveraging deep tech knowledge to power ahead, A new breed of startups that have proprietary high technology are hoping they are part of the next big wave.

What are the essential guidelines for the digital transformation, from legacy systems to the platforms of the future?
The process of digital transformation is enhancing the manner in which companies and startups perform and work, create products and services and reach out to the customers. In today’s fast paced, digitally powered world, keeping up with technology has never been more important. The need to stay on top of the game is powered by the need to keep data safe and secure, have continued access to old data even while new systems come into play; this is in essence the key need for digital transformation. From blockchain, AI, machine learning, automations, layoffs, culture, values, retention, strategy, tactics, especially when it comes to software as a service, digital transformation can illustrate a tremendous upsurge in development. Technology changes at a very rapid pace. When talking about digital, we can think of discovering new frontiers and using innovation and technologies to push business. It’s about finding new possibilities of an existing service in order to design and deliver a better experience. This is an iterative process. After a few cycles, it will stabilise and your organisation will be on the way.

How, according to you, have patented technology has turned out as a key competitive moat in the startup world?
We are being recognised for a technology friendly approach for our customers, that is the reason we came up with our patent filed infinite level nested task structure. This task structure, coupled with customised reporting capabilities, ability to create discussion boards seamlessly for organisation wide communication and measure the impact coupled with AI capabilities affect the company’s performance and employee engagement by leaps and bounds in a short span of time.

How are technology solutions providers attracting talent?
Technology plays an important role in harnessing the true value of the team and can be used to develop a unique culture to suit the needs of your organisation. The quest for talent is a never ending one. For example, our employee number count is 2.5 times the actual team size and this is only in the last couple of years. It is important to define great talent, especially when the organisation is in a startup phase. Of course, like attracts like and you need to have the essential core members who stay.

Is right talent hunting a challenge?
Challenges include identifying, hiring and retaining talent. Every person is an important piece in creating great efficient teams. Finding the right talent that can align with your organisation’s visions and goals is not an easy feat.

Please give some insights on blockchain manpower and hiring trends?
Blockchain is a digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. The opportunities are endless in incorporating blockchain technologies in various HR processes, especially when it comes to recruitment and talent acquisition. Blockchain technology has the potential to make classical resumes and career networking websites like LinkedIn,, etc., obsolete and redundant. Through blockchain, the recruitment process can be heavily streamlined, making it easy for HR professionals to verify an individual’s past work history, experience, and education.

What is your roadmap for 2019-2020?
The roadmap for 2019-2020 will be ongoing positioning of SaaS version for the large enterprises, Involvement of AI for sure, AI has been a staple of science fiction for years and now, we seem to be closer than ever to making it a reality. While AI has been in use for a while now, its usage was quite limited. AI is already becoming a key area for driving innovation and is set to become pretty big. It has the potential to influence almost every facet of human lives — from what you purchase, to what you watch, to how you commute. Innovations like blockchain technology is the most secure form of storing and sharing information online that we’ve discovered so far. That’s why we are also in the process of figuring out how to apply the technology in different sectors to prevent fraud and increase protection of data.


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