Genesys Cloud bets big on ‘Experience as a Service’ (EaaS) to customer at scale

Avanti Misra, Director Channels and Alliances, Genesys India

Aiming at transforming the contact centre industry by delivering innovation to companies of all sizes, everywhere. The Genesys Cloud CX platform is  seamlessly integrating voice and digital channels — empowering agents ,customers and creating better business outcomes overall. Avanti Misra, Director Channels and Alliances, Genesys India talks about the growing channel base in India and its framework

Can you share Genesys Cloud existing channel base in India

Genesys is the epicentre of a strong and innovative ecosystem which includes connections with market leaders like AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and Adobe. As we are trailblazing a new approach to customer experience – Experience as a Service – our customer’s success is supported by our ecosystem of technology, deployment, and strategic partners. These strategic partners and integrations are enabling an end-to-end experience across sales, service, and marketing for our customers.

Earlier this year, we announced the Ascend partner program to enable our partners to take full advantage of the growing market demand, relationship with Genesys, and alignment with the rest of the ecosystem. With Ascend, Genesys is broadening the commercial path for partners and building on the success of the ecosystem, which resulted in more than 50% of new bookings driven by partners last fiscal year.

At a high-level, we provide end-to-end onboarding and enablement programs, a guided partner navigation portal, a new Ascend Performance structure that allows us to develop stronger rebate models overall. ​Whether a partner is beginning to build their Genesys practise or expanding on their Genesys-based business, the Genesys Ascend partner program is simple, predictable and profitable – equipping our valuable partners with tools, training, investments and support resources to scale their business.

Over the last 18-20 months, Genesys India has gone from 3 full-service Partners to 12 active partnerships heavily led by India Global System Integrators (GSI), and it is growing with more partnership interests coming in rapidly.  There is also a tremendous opportunity for our AppFoundry in India, given it is one of the largest start-up hubs globally.

What are some of the challenges that your partners are facing in a post COVID world? How are the Partners in India adapting to these market changes given the current pandemic scenario?

COVID has fundamentally changed business models, sales strategies, planning, and customer support in a big way. Some challenges facing our partners are:

Workforce management: This was always – and is still – top of mind for organisations to ensure that their agents can be productive, connected and motivated while working outside of the physical contact centre location. For example, one of our partners helped a telco customer migrate over 3,000 agents to work from home within a month while optimising on the needed infrastructure to be able to support the technology platform.

Automating routine customer experiences and agent tasks with Digital and AI solutions: Our partners are leveraging voicebots and chatbots to reduce the strain of repetitive tasks on human workforces. For example, our partners are addressing multiple requests from BPOs and enterprises wanting to shift 20-30% voice traffic to self-service.

How is Genesys addressing these challenges and supporting its partners?

With both local and international businesses grappling with the current pandemic, Genesys Cloud CX has helped organisations globally to efficiently and effectively allow agents to work safely from home. To address the rising demand for citizen services and remote workforce during the pandemic, Genesys was the first CX vendor in India to offer civic agencies and enterprises with 90-days free usage of Genesys Cloud CX for mission critical support and remote team enablement that can be deployed as quickly as 48 hours.

Earlier legacy systems needed a lot of workforce and human intellect for support. This has become easier with the availability of Genesys Cloud CX in India. In the coming years, the India market is positioned as a significant growth market for Genesys in APAC and we are investing in capabilities and resources for channel expansion.  The world is going to cloud – whether its hybrid or public or private. So, partners have got to get savvy with the cloud. That’s a struggle for some because they’ve been in business a long time and they understand partner economics, but they’re not setting themselves up for the future.  We are enabling our partners to help their customers transform, perform and grow under the new normal with Genesys Cloud CX.

What is your Channel strategy in India, including in tier 2 and 3 markets?

In the last three years, Genesys India’s partner network has grown significantly. For the partner ecosystem in India, the Genesys Cloud CX launch is an opportunity for the strategic expansion of business. It allows us to target the tier II&III markets which would otherwise have been difficult to tap into with premise-based contact centre solutions.

To win in the market, we’ve a multi-pronged approach to address the market opportunities that leverages on an existing base of CX Resellers, telco partners, Global System Integrator (GSI) and Consulting Partners. Along with these partnerships, our strategic alliances with AWS, Google, Adobe, and Microsoft opens new opportunities and helps expand the overall target market for Genesys and our partner ecosystem. For example, one of Google’s leading partners is working closely with Genesys for integrating its Contact Centre AI offering with our CX platforms and help automate its customers processes.

What are some of the solutions that Genesys is offering for businesses of all sizes and industries?

Genesys solutions range from offering contact centre software capabilities, AI/automation and digital channels that enable personalisation at scale and business transformation. Genesys Cloud CX unifies customer and agent experiences across phone, email, chat, text and social channels. Genesys Cloud CX also keeps agents productive and engaged, no matter where they are. The launch of Genesys Cloud CX in India now means that all companies of all sizes and industries can deploy cutting-edge CX technology.

We also recently announced Genesys DX – the company’s new standalone digital customer engagement offering. Genesys DX leverages the company’s CX, AI and predictive engagement expertise to provide conversational AI and dynamic knowledge base capabilities to customers. This AI-powered platform makes it quick and easy to design and deliver self-service experiences that wow your customers.

There is also a massive opportunity for a computerised maintenance management systems (CMM) to implement CX best practices in India. Manufacturing, Emergency Response Services, startups, and other verticals can now implement advanced CX capabilities from Genesys Cloud CX for restricted seat counts significantly. This increases the total addressable market (TAM) and has opened up opportunities for many of our Indian partners.


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