Globalscape is true enterprise grade SFT with both inbound/outbound file transfers capabilities


In an email interaction with CRN, Mr. Brian Pick- General Manager of  -Managed File Transfer Business & Mr. Rohit Mathur – Senior Director for APAC at Fortra speaks on how Globalscape addresses solutions for automating file transfers for Windows-centric organizations and highlighted on the partnership bond with SYSTECH.

Elaborate on Globalscape offerings. What is the story behind partnering with SYSTECH?

SYSTECH and Globalscape partnership goes back over a decade, Globalscape were planning on expanding in India and systech team had all the right credentials to carry and support Globalscape.

This is evident from the success both SYSTECH and Globalscape have seen with  India being a major customer base of globalscape .  A large number of tier 1/large Banking, Financial and Insurance Companies runs Globalscape as their enterprise file transfer solution.

Brian Pick– Managed File Transfer applications are often considered a ‘mission critical’ type of application for an organization. Besides being able to rely on the file transfer product, they must be able to have a resource they can work with in case issues arise that could have an impact on getting their files delivered. This is why it’s important for us to have a partner channel that is basically an extension of the services we provide to our customers. SYSTECH is one of our most knowledgeable partners and we are confident they can assist our customers with any Globalscape issue that comes up. SYSTECH personifies what we look for in our partners.

Brief us on businesses flexible and secure file transfer tools.

Rohit Mathur– Secure file transfer (SFT) is an all-in-one secure solution that streamlines your file transfer processes while protecting your data. With support for multiple file transfer protocols, audit reporting, and automation capabilities, you’ll save time while improving security in your organization.

Secure file transfer solutions automate and secure file movement using a centralized, enterprise-level approach. With an SFT solution, file transfers and related business processes are streamlined without the need for programming or special skills.

Easily exchanging information through file transfers is critical to doing business, but it’s also an area where many organizations have severe security vulnerabilities. Poor FTP implementations, a lack of internal security controls, and insecure file sharing apps are just a few of the problems that could be putting your valuable data at risk.

Many organizations attempt to handle new file transfer requirements by writing custom scripts – a practice which is expensive, time-consuming, and error-prone. With SFT by your side, there is no need to juggle multiple tools across disparate systems as your team’s resources are drained – file transfers don’t have to take up precious time, they can be managed with the built-in features designed for reliability and automation

Brian Pick– When someone comes to us asking about Globalscape, as Rohit mentioned, it’s because their current file transfer process is cumbersome, inefficient, isn’t secure or they’re simply not happy with the support provided to them.  Organizations rely heavily on successfully exchanging files with their trading partners in order to accomplish their business goals. Failure to do so can have a huge impact which is why so many choose to go with a proven secure file transfer product like Globalscape paired up with a trusted partner like SYSTECH. Globalscape streamlines the file transfer process but also provides the security, reliability and reporting that organizations demand out of critical application. With a flexible licensing structure, organizations can start off with a smaller deployment and add more functionality and processing power as their file transfer requirements change and increase.  Being able to adapt to the needs of an organization is important and a big reason for the success of Globalscape.

What are the Unique features of Globalscape Solutions?

Rohit Mathur–  windows centric robust SFT solution.  A true enterprise grade SFT with both inbound/outbound file transfers capabilities,  advance automation options and built in security controls. Support for 64 bit architecture and no  down time upgrade.

Known to handle large volume with some large accounts running in excess of 20-50million transfers a month

Brian Pick–  Globalscape was developed with a focus on the Windows operating system, which allows it to optimize some integrations and performance improvements that may not be available from other file transfer applications. Security is important to our customers which is why one of our most popular modules focuses on regulatory compliance. This module enforces the use of secure protocols, strong ciphers, encryption keys and strict password policies. And customers have really appreciated our latest version which includes zero downtime as many of them can’t afford to have Globalscape down at all, even to do a product upgrade.


How does Globalscape address  solutions for automating file transfers for Windows-centric organizations?

Rohit Mathur– Globalscape is market leader when it comes to windows centric SFT, with its support for 64 bit architecture , no downtime upgrade and ability to handle large volumes with 1-2 nodes in a cluster whereas some competitive solutions would require multiple nodes.

Brian Pick– Automation is a critical feature of any file transfer application and this is where Globalscape excels. Globalscape can be configured to execute transfers in defined intervals, at scheduled times or simply when an event rule is satisfied such as a new file is placed in a specific folder.  Automation can include additional tasks such as querying a database, parsing a PDF file, PGP encrypting/decrypting and reconnecting with a server to deliver a file that may have a connection drop mid-transfer.  The great thing about Globalscape is that you don’t have to write any scripts to accomplish these tasks like you have to do with some other products. Our customers really like how intuitive it is to set up a new transfer and automate all the tasks around it.



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