It is becoming an absolute necessity to create a large pool of talents with new technology skills


LDS Infotech is one of the leading system integrators and managed infrastructure service providers in Mumbai. The company has been venturing into new areas of growth including cloud technology like MS Azure, AWS, Security, and virtualisation and at the same time the company has been investing at all levels, right from the manpower, skill sets to technology-based products and solutions. In a conversation with CRN,  Amarnath Shetty, Managing director, LDS Infotech talks about the importance of skilling and reskilling. Read more…

With the advent of emerging technologies. How important it is becoming to recruit new talents or getting trained your existing resources.

With the advent of emerging technologies, it is becoming an absolute necessity to create a large pool of talents with new technology skills like cloud, back up, IOT, cyber security etc. We see investing, retaining and upskilling existing resources as a topmost business priority to achieve customer satisfaction and delight. Customers now look at a service provider who can provide end to end IT Services solutions. We are always on the lookout for fresh talents with skills on varied emerging technologies

What are the top three trends you see in skilling and upskilling

We see the major trends such as training employees, encouraging them to do professional certifications on various technologies. Simultaneously arranging seminars, workshops & Webinars in a regular interval of time. Major trends are Cloud technology like MS Azure, AWS, Security, and Virtualisation.

Challenges while on-boarding the new talent

Initial time-bound training for an end to end implementation as per customer needs.Hand holding on to the company’s environment, skills development with the time schedule. Identifying the right talent in the pool of new joiners. Time management and availability of trainers on time.

Have you stepped up your budget on training and certifications?

In the last two years, we have made a significant increase in our budget for training and certifications. At the same time, we have witnessed tremendous growth in employee’s turnover and ROI in comparison with previous years. We have increased our budget by over 40% in the last 2 years.

Can you give examples where you bagged new business or lost in the absence of suitable talent?

We are focused on both new talents hiring and reskilling of existing employees, though reskilling and retaining the existing resource is our top priority.  Fresh recruitment is an ongoing process for us and many of our trained engineers are sometimes placed in customer sites. We create opportunities for new technology upgradations, learnings through a flexible and friendly environment for our employees. We have been continuously proving to our team that when they are in LDS they learn different technologies in different customer live scenarios. There are opportunities for our Engineers to work on different platforms, scenarios, and challenges. We have bagged many new businesses because of our talented technical resource pool. 

How do you ensure the trained manpower stickiness in the company? How do manage the issue of attrition?

We maintain a healthy bonding with our employees by offering them attractive incentive structure, conducting rewards and awards programs, motivating them in terms of accommodating their new ideas and empowering them for their roles and responsibilities. We make them learn about new technologies with different scenarios.


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