No Coding App Creation, Tech DIY Empowers Biz


We know that the magic is in the right idea at the right time. How-so-ever, it is ever the right time to be the fuel to businesses of all designs and scale by handing over the power of tech to them. Here is a 2015 born SaaS-based company- Appy Pie- which started as a small set up to help businesses and professionals create their own apps without coding. The company is currently generating revenues over INR 70 crores and has over 10 global offices providing solutions to non-tech business entities irrespective of their sizes to build apps, chatbots, websites, graphic designs, and automation tools. With the mission to democratise technology and make it accessible to everyone, the firm is now launching an all-new web-based graphic design platform called Design, with which anyone can create their own business card, brochure, book cover, flyer, logo among others through a simple DIY process. Without any programming experience, one can use Appy Pie’s bouquet of offerings which are easy to use and require minimal expenditure. Abhinav Girdhar, Founder, Appy Pie takes us through his sheer faith in tech and its infinite possibilities in the booming entrepreneurial culture. Edited excerpts.

How did the idea of no code solutions come to you?

I have always been intrigued by technology and I understand the edge that technology can lend to a business of any scale or size. When I saw some of the most brilliant ideas not seeing light of the day, solely due to the lack of access to technology, I knew that I could use my knowledge in technology to fill this void.

How are you monetising your business?

Our revenue model is subscription-based. Anyone can choose the platform that serves their purpose, from our various affordable subscription offers. For instance, a yearly subscription of our latest offering Appy Pie Design is currently available for INR 480, an amount that anyone with access to a smartphone or computer can afford.

What is the USP of Appy Pie?

Appy Pie’s foremost USP is competitive pricing. We ensure that our products are affordable for all. We guide our users round the clock, right from the word go – with integrated onboarding flow – to the finish, i.e. till they are well acquainted with all the nuances. Even for app submission, we assist from start to finish. All users receive real time updates on the apps they develop. Appy Pie is a comprehensive platform for multiple business solutions.

Have you raised any investment?

We are 100 percent bootstrapped and are driven by subscription revenue.

Where is your headquarter and what is your India team strength?

We are headquartered in Noida. Our current India team strength is more than 250 and in the last quarter of 2020, we grew our team by about 10 percent. Appy Pie is currently focusing on employing the talent in tech and travel industry who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

How do you see the Indian market responding during Covid times?

Unfortunate as the conditions are, it is true that digital transformation is at its peak right now and that helped many of our clients (new and old) get through the crisis that descended upon them. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm in the Indian market for innovative IT based solutions that have the potential to support and strengthen the economy.

What are the current and future market trends observed and perceived by you in India?

Both the current and future market is driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Computer enabled algorithms are being used to carry out tasks that are considered smart. Chatbots for instance are in great demand among business of all sizes and nature. The personalised experience enabled by the bots has made it the most preferred customer service and interaction tool. Even in education it holds utmost significance, for immediate query resolution. The trends are certainly in favour of IoT and drone delivery as well. With 5G getting a lot of traction in the ministry circles, 5G is bound to change the whole app experience at multiple levels. Similarly, once government regulations are in place and mapping of various deliverable points are finalised, drones will become a common feature for delivery of various types.

What are your plans for the Indian market in terms of investments, hiring, M&A and others?

We are rapidly expanding in the Indian market and have seen a massive surge in the numbers of apps created by Indian users on our platform, which has increased from 1000 apps per day to 3500 daily apps over the last 6 months, Covid19 too has acted as a tailwind for this growth.

What kinds of solutions are most sought after in the Indian market and why?

In light of the pandemic, online learning, remote working, and on-demand delivery has become almost instrumental in the way things operate in the professional and personal space. Appy Pie has an entire portfolio of business solutions that can help businesses and professionals grow faster and come out stronger.



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