‘Our platform protects the software spend that goes along with digital transformation’

Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder, Whatfix

In the current scenario of remote working, the SaaS-based startup’s solutions are especially helping companies remotely train their employees on new software and processes.  It is helping companies gain more output while reducing the cost of tech enterprise tools. The digital adoption solution category is relatively new and Whatfix has emerged as one of the key players in the segment. In an exclusive interaction with CRN India Khadim Batti, CEO and co-founder of Whatfix shares insights on the significance of this new SaaS category and how Whatfix’s digital adoption platform is helping enterprises during this time

What is the significance of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP), especially in the current remote working scenario? How has Whatfix been emerging as a leader in this space?

Remote working is a complicated scenario for many reasons, not the least of which is the shift in traditional learning and support dynamics that many companies provide. As organisations deploy more software than ever before, digital adoption becomes key. Built from the ground up, Digital Adoption Platforms guide users through the usage of sophisticated tools and make the most out of enterprise-grade software.

In a world where you can no longer turn to the person on your left and ask them what the next step in your process is, in-app guidance is there for all of us to keep businesses running smoothly. We have been riding this new wave of digital adoption and are effectively replacing the traditional over-the-shoulder help with real-time, contextual support. We have seen an increase in the usage of our product, with a rise of almost 20 percent for product demos while our revenue has multiplied over only the last several years. Recently, Everest Group featured Whatfix as a Leader in the inaugural Digital Adoption Solution analyst report, which has been a testament to our position as a leader in this erupting space.

Please explain the features of Whatfix’s intuitive software overlays. How are they being customised/personalised and automated to suit individual software needs?

Whatfix guides users through easy, simple, step-by-step walkthroughs that can be developed with zero coding. These can also be converted into engaging training content that can integrate into an organisation’s Learning Management System (LMS) so that learning can be contextualised and measured.

Whatfix’s in-app guidance and walkthroughs are customized in consultation with each of our customers to make the most use of their existing tech stack. The more sophisticated the platform or application, the more valuable we can be. Whether it’s providing step-by-step instruction on walking through your CRM system, or onboarding an employee rapidly on a critical tool, Whatfix can be there to ensure the process is smooth, fast, and efficient.

How is Whatfix driving digital transformation for enterprises during this time?

The current global crisis has accelerated the pace of digital transformation across industries. A huge portion of digital transformation is the adoption and optimal utilization of critical platforms and tools. Whatfix plays a significant role in ensuring that your entire employee base is onboarded and effectively using the tools at their disposal.

Digital transformation is often accompanied by significant investment in software solutions — Whatfix is a protection of that investment. In remote working environments, users no longer easily reach out to a colleague to walk through sophisticated solutions like their CRM instance; it is critical that we enable independent production and make everyone more efficient to sustain business momentum in these tumultuous times.

Please share insights on some of the current trends in the market with respect to digital adoption platforms

Digital adoption as a category is growing exponentially, year over year. The key to this trend is that we are solving an issue that has been around for literally decades: how to get your employees and users completely up to speed on the tools at their disposal? This is an issue that every growing company experiences, yet many do not understand that the answer is available in the form of Whatfix’s offerings. Straightforward guidance and learning at your own pace, in non-simulated environments — suddenly your team is getting the most out of your tech stack. That’s a trend that everyone wants to be a part of.

Please share some information on the India operations of Whatfix

Whatfix is unique in that our employee base is almost entirely based out of India, while 95 percent of our clients are based outside India. 70 percent of them are based in the US, while the rest is from Western Europe and other regions. As most of our customers operate online, we have been able to cater to the global landscape right out of India. We are adaptable, flexible, and have a customer-first mentality that we’ve honed since our founding in 2014.

What is your growth strategy? What is the roadmap ahead like?

Whatfix has a unique opportunity in that while many organizations focus on a particular region or industry, our solutions can be integrated with almost any form of application, including desktop apps. We now have the capability to focus not just on our existing customers, but expand the scale of our offerings to provide our services to enterprise organizations. We already work with a significant portion of the Fortune 1000 and we believe it’s time for the rest of them to come aboard as well.


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