Our solutions are backed by best technical support: ST Muneer Ahamed, MD, DigitalTrack Solutions


ST Muneer Ahamed, MD, DigitalTrack Solutions talks about how the company strives to deliver innovative and quality solutions that provide measurable benefits to customers

Q. Briefly tell us about your journey as an IT solution provider?
I started my company in 2004 with a two member team, today we are more than 140 members, spread across south India. We started with security as our core focus and today we are into storage, networking and computing also, catering to a customer base of more than 500.

Q. Which best practices should be followed by a solution provider to become a leader in the industry?
Understanding the latest trends and start working towards addressing it. We need to do periodical investment on certifications and demo equipments, more than a reseller we should become a partner for customers in addressing and giving the right solution at the right time.

Q. How much effort have you put in to become one of the most powerful as well as influential SPs in the country? In short, what has been your ‘success mantra’?
When you want to really become big, you have to be highly committed, focused and professional. You need to be a good pay master for distributors, get accredited, and take care of your company’s brand and reputation in the market.

Q. What has been the growth of your company in the last one year? Please provide your turnover/revenue as well.
We made a couple of initiatives last year, one is with respect to Cisco as a business practice and also acquired a team where they primarily do computing business. We made `72 cr last year, this was 30% increase compared to the previous year.

Q. Could you tell us about your business operations like your areas of expertise, major clients, vertical focus, number of locations your operate from, partnerships, etc.?
Our area of expertise lies in Networking, Security & Storage, we work majorly with IT/ITES, Pharma, Education, Manufacturing and ISPs, we cover South India with seven direct office and one overseas office for dollar billing.

Q. As a leading IT solution provider, how are you helping your customers in their digital transformation journey?
By virtue of being in the industry for more than a decade, DigitalTrack understands the customer challenges in the journey of digital transformation. With constant awareness programs and high touch customer engagement model, we share industry insights with the customers and are able to help them identify the solutions in the IT infrastructure, Network & Security Infrastructure and Data Management / Availability domains. A strong pre-sales consulting and post sales deployment and support team ensures peace-of-mind to our customers, thereby helping them focus on their core strengths in making the digital transformation journey a success.

Q. What are the challenges that you have to tackle in your day-to-day operations?
Collections, patching up the gap between the OEM and our team, customer’s escalations, retention of team, etc.

Q. What are your expectations from the vendors whom you are working with?
We need to motivate, educate and work closely with partners and help them to build the business so that they both can mutually get benefit.

Q. Please provide us a snap-shot of your future road map in terms major projects in the pipeline, future expansion plans, looking at the global market, etc.?
We started working with big players / bidders on the smart city and Digital India kind of projects, this is mainly for the post sales implementation. Future expansion is to have a national presence and also exploring the Middle East and Gulf markets.


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