‘Secure connectivity, data security and privileged based access are fundamental’

Sharad Popli, Founder, DigitalGlue

In these times of remote working, DigitalGlue is helping organisations secure their email and sensitive data. In an interaction with CRN India, Sharad Popli, Founder, DigitalGlue shares more  details

Tell us briefly about DigitalGlue and its focus areas
Email is the default and de-facto means for business-to-business communication, which contains a huge amount of valuable data, generated by the various divisions and activities of everyday operations. This email and the information within, are the organisation’s assets which need to preserved safely.

The fact that email can be presented as evidence in legal situations, the need for eDiscovery and regulatory compliance, protection against threats like ransomware, disgruntled employees, etc, all make the case for email archival.

DigitalGlue offers MailVault, a universal email backup and archiving solution that works with all email messaging platforms. MailVault runs on Windows and Linux, and can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or even in a hybrid setup. It offers users complete control of their organisation’s email in the easiest possible way.

How do you assess the current scenario and the lessons learned? What’s your preparedness to handle such unprecedented situation?
Any solution, especially in the domain of security, ideally needs to be secure by default, at all times. In my opinion, the current global situation highlights weaknesses in other areas and processes more starkly. These include:

  • Infrastructure and connectivity: With WFH becoming the new normal, electric supply availability and network connectivity are necessary building blocks to even begin working effectively
  • Availability and access of routine systems: This is essential, so that remote workers have secure access to their daily toolset
  • Human mindset: The discipline to work from home, and adoption of processes in a way that allows for effective collaboration. At the other end, also the discipline to be able to sign off – and not stay constantly connected – in order to maintain a work-life balance, which is crucial if this situation stays for an extended period of time.

How are you safeguarding your customers’ assets / premises in order to ensure continuity of their business operations?
MailVault is built with security in mind and uses multiple mechanisms to protect an organisations data. If deployed correctly and best practices are followed, then a company can be rest assured that their business email, one of their most important digital assets, is saved securely for the long term.

The IT team can be confident that in case of any issues such as  disk crash, corrupt PSTs, accidental or otherwise deletion of email, they will be able to search and restore email quickly and with minimal effort.

Meanwhile, MailVault continues to work in the background, wherein it automatically offers a number of other conveniences, like disk space and cost saving using de-duplication and compression techniques, sending daily activity alerts to admins so that they know all is well and making them connect only in case of an issue.

With the sudden rise in cyber threats and attacks in this period, how are you ensuring your customers’ data is safe and helping them mitigate risks?
MailVault uses military grade encryption for storing data securely and keeping it safe from prying eyes. Roles and privileges ensure that only people with the granted access are able to see the information they are meant to see. It provides admin snooping prevention, wherein it stops even admin level members from accessing sensitive email information.

Multiple backups, including offsite cloud backups, help mitigate risks from cyberattacks and threats like ransomware. MailVault offers Skystore, a service that allows making of an additional copy of the data into the cloud, which is completely encrypted, into a completely managed store, or into the client’s own cloud storage. MailVault supports AWS, Azure and a number of other cloud storage platforms.

This has an additional benefit of meeting some compliance requirements (multiple copies of data kept in different geographic locations) and also, no need to invest into a lot of hardware storage (for companies that may have long retention periods).

During this time of total lockdown, how are you ensuring 24×7 service and support to your customers?
We continue to offer assistance over email, telephone and remote access connections. Our numbers have been auto-forwarded, so that the clients continue to dial the same numbers that are available in their address books. For certain key customers or highly sophisticated operations, we have modified procedures to do proactive monitoring and management, if needed.

Secure connectivity, data security and privileged based access – these are the fundamentals for any service that we wish to access remotely. We have built these into MailVault from day one.

What’s your message to customers so that they are assured of full support today and in the days to come?
Our customers and partners have always been happy with our service and support levels. In the last three weeks or so, since the world has moved to a work-from-home model, our operations have continued smoothly, and we intend to keep them that way.


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