We aim to be India’s most preferred CRM vendor: Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions


Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions talks about the company’s thrust areas including CRM & call centre, Tally on Cloud and thin clients.

Headquartered at Bhilad, a small town in Gujarat, Enjay IT Solutions has created a niche for itself in the field of CRM and telephony solutions. Today, it is known for its e-innovative solution offerings for the Indian SME sector.

Enjay’s journey
“We started with thin clients and this business brought Enjay into limelight. Still there are many end customers and partners who know us as thin client vendor. In 2006-07, we started to feel, the market for thin clients will go down. The reason being, thin clients are sold on the premise that desktops are prone to issues. The market had an impression that the life of an average desktop is less. It is fast getting replaced with laptops and tablets. At that point, we started moving into other products like storage,” says Parekh.

Enjay also ventured into designing firewalls and also sold some 70-80 pieces. But, due to the downturn in the firewall market, Enjay gradually withdrew.

Focus areas for Enjay
Currently, the company’s thrust is on 3 areas. The first one is ‘call centre and CRM’, where it provides a spectrum of solutions, right from a two user setting as well as for a company with as large as having a fourty thousand user base.

“The advantage of being in this space is that we are doing both call centre and CRM. For other software companies, the ones strong in CRM are not equally strong in telephony and vice versa. Thus, it has helped Enjay to be a formidable player co-existing in both telephony and CRM,” adds Parekh. Hence, in the call centre and integrated call centre space, the company has a huge advantage. As a result, when the company representatives go to the customers, or potential customers, Dynamics and Salesforce are the competitors and to share the platform to be a competitor with the biggies turns out to be a credible positioning for us. “So even if Enjay is in the third position in the competition ranking, it’s a good thing for us,” says Enjay. The other focus area is ‘Tally on cloud’. The product is doing extremely well for Enjay. The company enjoys a unique advantage in this domain. While other vendors have to launch Tally on cloud on a Microsoft platform and on a windows server, for which there are license costs, Enjay has developed the Tally on cloud on the open source platform, Linux. Hence, there are zero license costs. This solution is tested and approved by Tally. “The third focus area is Thin clients. The business is running flat compared to the two other businesses. The brand is owned by Enjay, which is designed and developed in-house by us,” asserts Parekh.

Growth contributors
The Call centre and CRM business contributes 60 percent to the overall business. The rest 40 percent comes from Tally cloud and thin clients. “However, the thin client business provides higher revenue, because it’s basically a hardware product. The bottomline contribution from the thin clients is 10-15 percent,” highlights Parekh. In the last one year, the company has started offering the solutions on a subscription basis. It gives a predictive growth pattern visibility. The renewal rates are high and thus the visibility of the business growth is easy to track and project. The subscription model is used for the CRM as a service.

“The finance sector is the greatest contributor to the business. The affordability capability of the finance sector is also high. The real estate is also a vertical to focus on. The company has recently worked actively in the healthcare sector with the likes of Global hospitals and soon going to work with Wockhardt Hospitals,” concludes Parekh.


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