‘We want to be the platform of choice to help companies take advantage of the Edge’: Arjun Kallawar, Edgio


Powered by a global edge network that brings data closer to every user, Edgio has emerged as a revolutionary platform for development, content delivery, and video that makes online experiences faster, safer, and easier. In an interaction with CRN India, Arjun Kallawar, Head of Solutions Engineering – India & South Asia, Edgio talks about how the company is helping enterprises deliver exceptional digital experiences to their consumers.

Q. What are the factors driving the growth of the CDN market in India and globally? What are the trends being witnessed that are revolutionizing consumers’ web experiences?

According to Coherent Market Insights, the India content delivery network market was valued at US$ 787.65 million in 2021 and is expected to reach US$ 5879.24 million by 2030, thus growing at a CAGR of 25.3% between 2022 and 2030. The factors which have led to this instrumental growth of the CDN market in India and globally is the increased demand for mobile applications, rise in viewership of video streaming content platforms, growing popularity of e-commerce, and underlying technology and telecom industries.

An exciting trend that we are witnessing in-terms of web experience is often called Web 3.0. As the upcoming third generation of the internet, users will have more autonomy in terms of the content they consume and what they choose to share. Users will expect faster and smarter experiences that are personalized, and these will rely on decentralized, localized, and machine-learning technologies.

Q. With cyber threats looming large and increasing consumer expectations of quality user experience, how well is Edgio geared to meet the fast-changing market demand?

The threat landscape is global and constantly changing, and all businesses must be prepared to protect their consumer facing applications. The most preeminent cyberthreats have been zero-day application exploits, identity thefts, personal data breach, phishing attacks, DDoS, and ransomware attacks.

Edgio’s security features run on a globally distributed edge network that protects business from vulnerabilities and mitigates attacks. Some of the features of our services include:
● Distributed private network with over 250 Tbps global capacity and interconnectivity – far beyond the largest known 3.5 Tbps DDoS attack in history.
● Built-in Layer 3 and 4 infrastructure for DDoS protection, web application firewall (WAF), TLS data encryption, origin cloaking, bot management, and other shield tools.
● Distributed edge points of presence (PoPs) that span the globe, which means proximity and protection for end users where attacks emerge.
● Web security platform that is efficiently built on APIs, uses real-time logs that can integrate with any SIEM, has an analytics dashboard, and enables users to run “Dual WAF” profiles – to A/B test and speed up security updates.
● Essential 24/7/365 security monitoring, threat detection and threat response to help users mitigate and resolve any attacks that they face.

Q. Cite some examples from the Indian market wherein Edgio has helped enterprises deliver exceptional digital experiences to their consumers?

Edgio powers unmatched speed, security, and simplicity for companies delivering large-scale applications at the edge, near end-users. Our globally scaled solutions fuel the world’s top brands. Here are some examples:
BSE: Based on Edgio’s superior network and application solution we delivered significant improvements in web page response and loading times. BSE saw gains of more than 30% in certain underserved metro regions. By using detailed performance metrics and analytics information, we improved cache hit ratios, reduced traffic back to their origin, controlled infrastructure costs, and increased ROI. By using dual WAFs, we reduced malicious traffic and further reduced the load on back-end infrastructure, thus improving the efficiency of their operations,
BYJU’S: Using Edgio’s private network backbone to deliver content, BYJU completely bypassed internet congestion in the middle-mile. Our dense architecture enables very high caching efficiencies for content, bringing it closer to end users – and resulting in reduced latency and very short video load times. As a result, BYJU’S has consistently experienced more than 99% caching efficiency and better performance for student end users. BYJU also saved costs by greatly reducing egress charges on origin and by being able to move content to infrequent access storage solutions.

Q. How are you looking to strengthen your presence in the Indian market? Could you articulate your GTM strategy that will help Edgio realise its vision of supporting companies in delivering the fastest, most dynamic, and frictionless user experience?

Edgio has embarked on an exciting journey to expand its presence globally, with emphasis on SAARC and Southeast Asia. In India, we want to support the content, transactional and ecommerce application growth we see in the country and deliver fast and secure experiences.

Our highly performing, next generation Web CDN solutions are introduced with expectations that enterprise clients want to simplify their cloud infrastructure with edge-enabled solutions like ours. With the digital adoption across India, we are investing time and money into making the most scaled and performant platform in the world.

Edgio has put a lot of time and money into this; we took our best engineers and we said, “your job now is to make us the best in the world.” We are making sure that 98% of the world’s population is within a few miles of one of our points of presence (PoPs). The whole world is living more and more digital, and these experiences have to ride on somebody’s highway. Why not ours?

Q. What’s your outlook for 2023 & beyond in terms of maintaining leadership position in edge software solutions for the outcome buyer? How will the application, content, and video edge enabled solutions evolve in the coming years?

Edgio is one of the major global, edge-enabled network that supports applications and media delivery to end users. Today we’ve got the applications, the security and the edge platform and we have integrated them.

The last ten years has been about cloud and SaaS. The next ten years will be about the edge. Most companies have a hard time getting there themselves. We want to be the platform of choice to help companies take advantage of the edge – and that’s really our focus. We have also become the most complete web application and API platform in the world. We offer the fastest speed, the best security and the most productivity.

For media, our video platform offers the fastest and most intuitive way to manage and distribute online videos to media devices everywhere. We have a peak network capacity of 250 Tbps, 7000+ global interconnects and more than 300 strategically located global points of presence (PoPs).

Looking forward, we believe there will be an increase in data security and privacy of sensitive data and Edgio is positioning to help future clients achieve top performance for their outcome buyers.


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