Global Service Providers partner with Fortinet to deliver SD-WAN services

Rajesh Maurya

Fortinet’s security-driven networking approach to SD-WAN and broad API ecosystem allow SPs to expand their service offerings and differentiate in the market

Fortinet has announced continued momentum with network service providers who have chosen to leverage Fortinet Secure SD-WAN to scale and grow their business, deliver new value-added services, and limit overhead.

With the recent increase in remote workforces, network service providers are facing unprecedented demand for highly scalable VPN service offerings. Additionally, as the SD-WAN market has matured, these same SPs are beginning to offer security services as new customer demands and deployment efficiency call for advanced and integrated security. In fact, all participating service providers in a recent MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) survey identified security as an essential value-added service they were either planning to offer or have already started offering on top of their SD-WAN solution.

With advanced routing, security and SD-WAN functionality in a single solution, Fortinet Secure SD-WAN has emerged as a top choice for network service providers to offer new and differentiated value-added services to their customers. Heightened by one of the broadest API ecosystems in the industry, Fortinet enables service providers to customize highly scalable secure SD-WAN services that can be quickly added to their offerings and easily deployed at customer sites.

Fortinet’s security-driven networking approach to SD-WAN empowers service providers with the ability to deliver highly scalable VPN services for business continuity. This approach also gives SPs the ability to build a complete security services platform with next-generation firewall capabilities such as web filtering, anti-malware, and threat protection, including deep SSL inspection, and even further expand to SD-Branch for complete consolidation of branch services.

Continued Secure SD-WAN Innovation
Fortinet’s commitment to SD-WAN innovation that supports service providers is evident in the latest release of FortiOS, Fortinet’s flagship operating system. FortiOS 6.4 includes advanced SD-WAN orchestration capabilities, automated NOC with advanced monitoring, and advanced analytics to help service providers offer additional value to end customers.

Fortinet also continues to be an active member of MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) and shares its dedication to facilitating the adoption of assured services orchestrated across global networks and helping define SD-WAN services standards to meet the evolving needs of today’s digital transformation efforts. Fortinet has been actively engaged as a member of MEF since 2017 and is working together with the organization in the development of new SD-WAN security standards.

Rajesh Maurya, Regional Vice President, India & SAARC, Fortinet, said, “Service providers are increasingly turning to Fortinet Secure SD-WAN as the favored solution to deliver services that standout from competitors and achieve faster and better ROI. Because Fortinet takes an integrated approach that combines advanced routing, security and SD-WAN in a single solution while also providing an open and extensible API-driven ecosystem, SPs that partner with Fortinet are able to simplify their service offerings and gain a huge competitive advantage in the market.”


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