2nd Intel AI Global Impact Festival commences


The second annual Intel AI Global Impact Festival is being telecasted Live. The purpose of this festival is to celebrate enriching lives with AI innovation by next-generation technologists and future developers in partnership with Government Partners, Academic Institutions, and communities. 

Intel Digital Readiness Programs empower non-technical audiences with appropriate skill sets, mindsets, toolsets, and opportunities to use technology impactfully and responsibly in the AI-fueled world. The first annual AI Global Impact Festival was organized by Intel in 2021, where 135 countries and more than 113,000 visitors from across the globe participated in the virtual event.

This year too, countries from across the globe, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, the USA, the People’s Republic of China, Poland, Germany, and Israel, are showcasing their efforts to build an AI-ready generation. The Festival acts as a platform for Intel’s partners from among governments, academic institutions, and the implementation sector to share with the world their best practices on AI skilling for their population.

From India, CBSE, Ministry of Education, Department of Science and Technology, NeGD, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India and Ministry of Electronics and IT, Karnataka Government, are showcasing their efforts in collaboration with Intel to build national competitiveness and reduce the digital skills gap. 

79 AI-based projects created by 190 students and best practices implemented by 30 teachers, coaches, or educators are a part of the two competing categories- AI Impact Creator (for students) and AI Impact Shaper (for educators) this year. There is a prize pool of USD 500 K for the winners and coveted internship and mentoring opportunities. The winners will be felicitated at the Intel Innovation event on September 27–28, 2022, and the Festival will conclude on September 30, 2022.

The Intel® AI Global Impact Festival has three participation modes- Celebrate, Learn and Compete- to help popularise AI among the masses with the help of many unique and engaging activities.

For example, under the Celebrate section, anyone interested in engaging with AI can do so in numerous ways, like clicking fun photos at the Selfie booth, playing AI-powered games, or visiting the Social wall for Festival-related conversations.

The Learn section allows visitors to explore the AI Global Impact Festival 2021 resources and witness the global winners in the Spotlight section. Everyone is encouraged to advance their AI knowledge by attending inspirational talks by Intel leaders and AI experts. 

Intel’s goal is to make technology fully inclusive and expand digital readiness for all. The audience can advance their AI knowledge free of cost, with three self-paced, immersive micro-learning modules including discovering the future of the internet through a module on Web 3.0. Badges can be earned as they explore, experience, and engage with AI on the Festival platform.

The Compete section has a Showcase Zone for AI Impact Creators- the innovative AI projects/solutions developed by students under two age groups- 13-18 years and 18 above; and AI Impact Shaper for teachers, coaches, or educators showcasing innovative practices for AI skilling. 

Last year Indian innovators won prizes in the competing categories, and now it remains to be seen which AI innovation will emerge as the winner.

With the Intel® AI Global Impact Festival, the company recommits to creating a more responsible, inclusive, and sustainable future enabled by its technology and expertise.


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