4 Benefits of video analytics that Indian manufacturers can avail


Over the years, the increasing use of AI-powered video analytics has significantly transformed and enhanced the operations of company logistics and many of its processes across industries. Supply chain management, defined as the management of multiple operations that span the production flow from end-to-end delivery of the finished product to the customer, has grown thanks to AI-enabled video analytics technology. CCTV is always treated as some ordinary device having just ornamental values in any organisation. Though the fact is CCTV /Camera is most powerful sensor ever developed in humankind history. This is the only sensor which produce brain interpretable data without any kind of language barrier. For example if I will call you on phone and tell you in Russian that there is violence erupted in my area, it will be tough to understand that audio data because you don’t know the language (meta data); but if we can see the video data we can easily understand what’s happening. 

A Gurgaon-based startup, Staqu, with its proprietary audio-video analytics and management software JARVIS is utilising the existing CCTV infrastructure  to automate the monitoring task.  JARVIS is equipped with advance AI technology which can be used to automated monitor of the safety, security and operation protocol  using audio video data coming from CCTV. 

  • Compliance with the Safety Rules

The first step is to ensure safety is to ensure all the guidelines are followed properly , as many    accidents are caused by negligence, improper machine use, human error or logistic mistakes.  Video analytics that detect action can help automatically detect accidentsat an early stage, just as they can help avoid break-ins and thefts. For example; if a worker falls to the ground or collides with a falling object, the system detects this as strange behavior and quickly reports it.

  • Streamlining Package Tracking

 This enables you to establish clarity in the event of any damages, warranty claims or missing goods. In the event of a disagreement, this allows you to easily manage customer claims and demonstrate that no products were damaged upon exit from your logistics area. For example, loading ramps are widely used as key locations in the package tracking process. Therefore, complete video recording of the journey of the package from packaging lane to package conveyor to freight forwarder handover is quite useful.

  • Personnel Monitoring

The work performance of the employees in the logistic centre and warehouse is recorded. The presence or absence of activity in the activity monitoring area is tracked in real time to reduce hazards associated with the human factor. If there is no movement for an extended period, a pre-programmed real-time alarm is sent. This innovation in logistics helps in proper management of time and quality of work evaluation, logistics centre optimization, warehouse incentive program, work processes, improvement in work performance of employees and anticipation of adverse events arising due to labor shortage in the workplace is decreased.

  • Logistics management 

Video analytics in manufacturing  logistics operation  can be used to identify  vehicle in-out time. It can be further extended to monitor loading -unloading time of vehicle along with number of baggage loaded in any given vehicle.  In many cases logistics further be extended to route management within any manufacturing organisation spread over a large area.  


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