82% find live online learning more effective than classroom: Simplilearn survey

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Simplilearn, a global provider of digital skills training, has announced its findings from a survey conducted on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee training programs and productivity post the implementation of “Work from Home.”

Simplilearn surveyed executives and managers in the learning and development and human resources functions of companies around the globe on issues related to current and future employee training plans. While responses were gathered from various global regions, the majority were gathered from representatives of companies located in India (39 per cent) and the United States (41 per cent).

The survey results show that 86  per cent of respondents whose organisations offered physical classroom training have moved to live online learning platforms since the start of the pandemic. In fact, 82 per cent of survey respondents stated that live online learning programs were equally or more effective than physical classroom sessions, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skilling programmes seeing the highest demand.

Sharing his views on the survey findings, Krishna Kumar, CEO & Founder of Simplilearn, said, “The current global pandemic has posed several new challenges to organisations and businesses across verticals, pushing for the need to embrace digital solutions. Based on our survey results, remote working seems to be the norm for the future, with 52 per cent respondents saying that WFH saw employees being more productive and 77 per cent of respondents predicting that their organisations are considering a permanent shift to work from home. This is a clear indicator that live or blended online learning programmes will be the answer to skilling and learning continuity for working professionals. The pandemic and economic slowdown have also brought in the need for organisations and professionals to focus more on building capabilities in niche skills that would become inevitable for business continuity and sustenance.”


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