91Springboard partners with Government of Maharashtra for the launch of, Maharashtra Virtual Incubation Center (MVIC)


With the objective of supporting early-stage startups in Maharashtra, the Government of Maharashtra is launching the Maharashtra Virtual Incubation Centre (MVIC) in partnership with 91Springboard Business Hub Pvt. Ltd., a leading co-working space provider offering facilities like office infrastructure, administrative support, mentoring, access to networks, and community. Through MVIC, incubation-related products and services like legal, financial, Intellectual Property, cloud and mentoring will be offered at preferential rates to startups in Maharashtra.

MVIC aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Maharashtra by providing a supportive ecosystem for startups to grow and scale their businesses. Through this virtual platform, startups can access resources and services remotely, making it convenient and cost-effective. In addition, MVIC shall also offer access to co-working spaces, networking events, and other resources that can help startups grow and thrive. 91Springboard will be providing access to the services either by itself or through suitably qualified service providers/vendors.

In the first phase, MVIC platform is being launched for 300 startups which are incorporated in Maharashtra and are recognized by DPIIT, Government of India.

The various Services being provided are,             

  • Finance, Taxation, Accounting like payment gateways, investment management etc.
  • Technology Infrastructure like Cloud services, website designing, application building etc.
  • Legal support like IP filing, M&A service, compliances
  • Marketing tools like CRM solutions, digital marketing tools, marketing analytics.
  • Product Development & Prototyping services
  • Office Spaces like co-working spaces, office complexes, incubation support
  • Mentorship and Learning
  • Other services like hospitality and travel, access to investor community


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