Accops adds value to Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, enables secure VDI from Azure cloud

Vijender Yadav, CEO & Co- founder, Accops Systems

 Accops HyWorks, a Secure Digital Workspace solution provided by Accops Systems, is now integrated seamlessly with Microsoft’s latest offering Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), enabling secure and compliant Desktop-as-a-Service for office users as well as work from home users.

Every organization is busy in setting up their business continuity plan to ensure their workforce remain productive from home, as the concerns with Covid-19 are increasing. Accops provides work from home solutions for users to connect to their corporate network through secure access gateway or via virtual apps & desktops. With Azure WVD integration, customers can avoid capex investments and quickly deploy virtual apps or virtual desktop-based access for their extranet users.

Promising a simplified virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure cloud, Microsoft has provided Windows 10 virtual machines that allows multiple concurrent interactive sessions. While built-in connection broker, load balancing and remote access functionalities are included in the bucket, Windows 10 multi-session remains the key offering. The Azure-hosted WVD is also enabling new functionalities, like AppAttach and FSLogix.

Though Microsoft has built the underlying technologies, several other functionalities are still being developed, for e.g. web based administration with granular policy management. Thus, it requires a lot of knowledge about the Azure management and overall WVD management to reap full benefits of the Microsoft’s new virtual machines. Traditionally, it has been Microsoft’s approach to build underlying technologies and allow its partners, prominent among them being Accops, to come and fill in the gaps.

Accops has already integrated Windows 10 multi-session into its virtual workspace solution, Accops HyWorks. So any organization, which wants to use WVD with a simple but feature rich management interface, can deploy Accops HyWorks. The Accops’ comprehensive solution provides enhanced functionalities required in typical enterprise environment, such as more compliant access to virtual desktop, seamless access from Linux based thinclients, peripheral & USB redirection, universal printing for both Windows and Linux endpoints, data copy control, contextual access with granular & flexible device policies and many more.

Recently, Accops’ Japan team successfully rolled out the solution for around 1,000 users of Fukuoka Board of Education.

“Our customer was looking for providing an enterprise mobility solution to faculty and staff members of the education board. Deploying on premise was one option. However, we realized that doing it over Azure would be a much better option to cater to the availability requirements at a much lesser total cost of ownership. But the WVD was not fully ready in terms of its own services and additional functionalities that we wanted for this project to be successful. So we deployed Accops and the customer is extremely happy with the firebase access that is available along with the enhanced functionalities they were looking for,” said Kashima Hiroyuki, Director, Accops Japan.

“WVD is a very welcome offering from Microsoft. It gives immense flexibility to customers to get the real benefits from VDI. We believe that lot many customers would like to use VDI in Cloud and WVD will be the right tool for such organizations. Accops makes WVD more usable in enterprise environments where access compliance, flexible policies and enhance features around thin client access are must to make VDI viable,” said Vijender Yadav, Co-Founder and CTO, Accops.


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