Accops becomes partner of TSANet’s multi-vendor ecosystem

Vijender Yadav, CEO, Accops Systems

Accops Systems has joined the Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet) as a partner. TSANet is the IT industry’s only fully operational, multi-vendor network of infrastructure service providers with a proven record in fast-tracking multi-vendor co-operation and significantly reducing cost and resolution time. Accops aims to leverage this partnership to fast-track the process of addressing challenges arising out of multi-party infrastructure deployments, ultimately helping the customers in optimising the value of their IT and infrastructure investments.

A multi-vendor support organisation like TSANet is particularly important for workspace virtualization company like Accops as workspace virtualisation requires solutions from multiple vendors. Accops helps to simplify the technology stack by providing a simplified and in integrated workspace virtualization solution that reduces the TCO and improves support operations for customer. However customers still have to deal with server hardware vendor, storage vendors, network vendors and other technology vendors. TSANet allows customers to have a single point of contact to get support from the respective technology vendor.

TSANet works on a simple user interface that provides a consistent method for creating a collaboration pathway with other members. It allows members to integrate their systems. Today, hundreds of the leading IT organizations use TSANet infrastructure to deliver a worldwide standard of excellence for seamless customer service. They offer a broad mix of member services, which can be tailored to meet an organisation’s specific requirements. With TSANet, Accops will be able join the elite club of and will work with them to resolve their customer related issues.

“By joining an organisation like TSANet, Accops is able to extend its commitment to global customer support by ensuring maximum efficiency in resolving support issues in multi-vendor environments. We look forward to working with TSANet and our fellow members for the benefit of our joint customers,” said Vijender Yadav, CEO, Accops Systems.


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