Adobe launches evaluation tool CQ


Adobe has launched Adobe CQ (creativity quotient) an evaluation tool designed to measure enterprise creative aptitude and capability across teams and organisations. The persona-based test will help leaders understand how to use creativity, cultivate it and accelerate skills development.

Duncan Egan, Vice President of Marketing APAC, Adobe said, “With the exponential growth of technology and automation, creativity has become a core driver and differentiator for businesses, teams and individuals. Creativity is no longer just an output or medium, and it’s not exclusive to designers and creators.

“COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and forced organisations to operate in new ways. Now more than ever, creative skills such as insight, collaboration and ideation are critical for success.

“The challenge is that creativity is difficult to coach and cultivate at the same speed as the change we are currently seeing. At Adobe we’re committed to helping individuals and businesses grow their creative potential. We developed Adobe CQ to help leaders understand their creative ability in leadership and show how they can shape and drive creativity within their team.”

The online test is comprised of fifteen questions across five key areas where creativity impacts business success: culture; skills; technology; data; and experience. Upon completion of the questionnaire, Adobe CQ assigns an appropriate persona to the individual – The Visionary, The Leader, The Assembler, or The Challenger. It provides a qualitative analysis rather than a specific ‘score’, identifying areas of greatest expertise and potential. Participants will be recommended further learning resources to help formulate creative developmental paths, strategies and encourage creativity in their team and organisation.

Adobe CQ was developed in partnership with Anders Sorman-Nilsson, a renowned global futurist and innovation strategist, Jye Smith, an independent creative strategist, and WE Communications. Its methodology is based on several academic research reports on the Future of Work by leading management consultancies (PwC, Delloitte, McKinsey) and academic institutions (Harvard, University of Melbourne), as well as through Adobe’s vast experience of working with leading enterprise organisations.


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