Aerospike announces early availability of Aerospike Cloud


Aerospike, Inc., the real-time data platform leader,  announced the early availability of Aerospike Cloud running on AWS. The new Database-as-a-Service solution offers developers and development teams the full power of the multi-model Aerospike Database 6 delivered as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, fully elastic service.


Aerospike Cloud offers easy onboarding and a cost-effective way for developers and data architects to build scalable, real-time applications with a fraction of the servers and operational overhead required with traditional data solutions.

“Organizations of all sizes are racing to create applications that leverage real-time data to deliver new business services and enhanced customer experiences,” said Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike. “Aerospike Cloud provides a simple, fast way for enterprise teams to get started with Aerospike 6 and discover unmatched price-performance gains while reducing carbon footprint.”

Aerospike Cloud is supported by AWS’s fastest and most performant infrastructure. The result is increased efficiencies with a smaller server footprint to significantly reduce infrastructure costs and carbon footprint. With Aerospike Cloud, developers and data architects will spend less time managing and tuning their databases and more time delivering mission-critical applications at scale that drive business value.  

Today’s announcement of Aerospike Cloud follows the 2019 debut of Aerospike Cloud Managed Service (ACMS). Many of Aerospike’s largest customers have leveraged ACMS for years to reduce operational overhead and ease deployment. Aerospike Cloud is developed from the experience and feedback of customers worldwide who have benefited from ACMS for years.


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