Agoda launches Covid-19 isolation stay options throughout India


International digital travel platform Agoda has leveraged its technology expertise to help people in India easily search and find quarantine or alternative stay options during this latest phase of the pandemic.

Agoda has created two distinct new channels for the public to source Covid-19 quarantine stays as a means to help Indians cut through the information clutter and quickly find a place to stay.  In the first channel, Agoda has curated a list of hotels from its accommodation partner network that are providing ‘hospi-tel’ services, that is, accepting Covid-19 positive guests to isolate until recovery. Guests who have tested positive for Covid-19 and have stable vitals can now isolate themselves within any of the listed 100+ hotels, located in 23 cities across India. The properties have a range of price points and offer additional services as part of the package price and are equipped with amenities like Covid-19 nursing support, three daily meals, oxygen support and other services catering to the guest’s wellbeing, throughout their recovery. Guests will find a contact list of hotels/hospitals (hospi-tels)  on the dedicated link on Agoda’s website and can call and pay directly to the property. 

Agoda’s second dedicated platform aligns with its alternative quarantine product successfully rolled out in Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Philippines, that allows members of the public who are Covid negative, including public facing frontliners, who wish to protect their families and live close to work.  With more than 450+ hotels in cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata, and towns including Mohali, Raipur, and Nashik to name a few, Indians returning home, travelling between states or self-isolating can now book their stay into a hotel to quarantine for as long as they wish via Agoda. Guests must provide evidence of Covid-19 negative reports at check-in. 

“We want to make it as easy as possible for Indians looking for somewhere to isolate to be able to do so. We hope to help, by doing what we do best, using our tech to connect our partner hotels with guests, and making hotel bookings quick and stress-free through our platform,” said Tarik Fadil, Associate Vice President, Partner Services, Indian Subcontinent and North Southeast Asia. 

“Our teams have worked tirelessly over the past few weeks to curate a list of hotels to accommodate Covid-19 positive patients as they fight through the illness and protect their loved ones by isolating. We hope that the comprehensive list of hotels will alleviate some stress for Indians,” continued Tarik.


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