AI company, Quantiphi selects Tenable to reduce cyber risk in the cloud 

Amit Dhawan & Kartik Shahani

Tenable, Inc. announced that Quantiphi has chosen Tenable Vulnerability Management to reduce cyber risk across its cloud environment.

Founded in 2013, Quantiphi solves the toughest and most complex business problems by combining deep industry experience, disciplined cloud and data engineering practices and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research to achieve accelerated and quantifiable business results. Operating exclusively within cloud environments, including Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure, Quantiphi boasts a fully cloud-native infrastructure, devoid of any physical data centres.

Quantiphi’s infrastructure expanded to encompass a myriad of virtual machines, containers, and other dynamic assets, so comprehensive vulnerability management became paramount. Recognising Tenable’s expertise in identifying ever-changing vulnerabilities and threats, Quantiphi embarked on a journey to strengthen its security posture, starting with the deployment of Tenable Vulnerability Management across its vast network of assets.

Quantiphi Chief Information Security Officer Amit Dhawan said, “Creating a comprehensive database for our extensive array of laptops and cloud servers has paved the way for a seamless and optimised workflow.”  Despite the inherent complexities of managing a vast ecosystem of assets in the cloud, Quantiphi made remarkable progress, achieving 98 percent asset-based coverage much faster than anticipated.

Recognising the complexities of managing a diverse range of platforms, Quantiphi customised Tenable Vulnerability Management to proactively address compatibility issues with specific operating systems in the cloud. It employed traffic analysis and iterative refinement to achieve its exceptional coverage and the overall efforts resulted in invaluable insights Quantiphi incorporated into its operational playbook.

“Prioritisation is key to effective vulnerability management, with Tenable’s data serving as a cornerstone in the decision-making process,” Dhawan said. “By automatically classifying vulnerabilities based on severity and assessing their exposure to the internet, we were more efficient in our approach to remediation.”

“Cybercriminals are increasingly focusing on cloud assets, as recent attacks highlight their success when organisations fail to consistently and uniformly maintain fundamental cyber hygiene across their entire environment and attack surface,” said Kartik Shahani, country manager for Tenable India. “Quantiphi is a stellar example of an organisation poised to lead the charge in data-led digital transformations as it safeguards the digital assets of its clients.”


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