AIT provides two oxygen concentrators to Railway Hospital, Bengaluru


Association for Information Technology (AIT) is stepping ahead to help out in this pandemic in its own way. Answering an emergency requirement, AIT provided two oxygen concentrators to the Railway Hospital in Bengaluru.

“Two units of five Litre oxygen concentrators were handed over by AIT ECM, Vikram Singh to the Railway Hospital officials and ADRM, as an effort to address and resolve their immediate emergency in hand,” informs, Ketan B Shah, President, AIT. “I thank the entire AIT team who responded immediately and took action.”

While, the association’s Joint Secretary Satish and Vice President Sunil Kukreja initiated the task, Rajkumar Dugar, a association member facilitated the initiative.

AIT has been instrumental in taking up all matters of common interests of its members including product launches, trainings, vendor-meets, tax-related issues, facilitating lateral sourcing of materials, sports events, etc. Also, AIT is dedicating significant efforts towards this pandemic,


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