AMD and Microsoft announce new 15-inch thin and light Microsoft Surface Laptop 3


AMD and Microsoft have announced the first-ever 15-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop powered by new AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition processors. A significant, multi-year co-engineering program between AMD and Microsoft at the silicon, platform, and software levels created this 15” Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 with a perfect balance of performance, battery life, and sleek and lightweight design.

Combining world-class compute and graphics performance with a fully optimised, rearchitected system software stack including AMD Radeon FreeSync display technology, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is designed for creative professionals, students, gamers on the go, and business users who value the large screen experience alongside portability. The custom AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition processors and optimised software highlight the latest example in the multi-year collaboration between AMD and Microsoft, first established more than a decade ago for the Microsoft Xbox and now spanning from Azure to Surface to xCloud and Project Scarlett.

“With AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition processors, AMD brings to market the most powerful mobile processors for ultrathin laptops we ever created. The AMD-powered Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 delivers premium craftsmanship only AMD could help bring to life, combining a 15-inch laptop with a customized 15W processor to create a device that packs all the power and visual experiences of a large screen with the benefits of an ultra-thin, 3.4 pounds device. Widely recognised for offering world-class CPU and GPU performance, AMD is pleased to partner with Microsoft and continue bringing innovation to the market,” said Rick Bergman, Executive Vice President, Computing and Graphics Business Group, AMD.

“When looking for the right processor to power the all new Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, we wanted the best graphics performance in a single processor. AMD immediately came to mind given our successful history of collaboration bringing world class graphics performance to the Xbox. Through our long-term partnership with AMD, which demonstrates process capabilities at the forefront of the industry, we’re bringing advanced computing experiences and striking innovation to Microsoft Surface Laptop 3,” said Pavan Davuluri, Distinguished Engineer, Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft devices group.


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