Ameyo integrates with Google’s Business Messages


Ameyo, an omnichannel customer engagement platform has integrated with Google’s Business Messages to enable brands to get started with this new conversational marketing channel. It helps them convert prospects faster by responding to their queries in real-time within Google Search and Maps across Android devices.

Due to the pandemic, inbound call volume has increased and there is tremendous cost pressure on the contact center to reduce the cost of operations. Google’s Business Messages helps deflect calls to chat, which can be responded by a bot and switch seamlessly between a human agent based on the query’s complexity.

Several industries, like Retail, Hospitality, BFSI, Healthcare, Consumer Brands, and others, can use Google’s Business Message to optimize their acquisition program. They can convert customers faster while reducing inbound call volume by responding to their queries in real-time like store timings, availability of products, order status, payment assistance, offers and discounts, and many others within Google Search & Maps. Google’s Business Messages supports rich features like carousels, suggested replies, and photos.

“We’re excited to have Ameyo integrate with Google’s Business Messages to help brands take advantage of this new conversational marketing channel at a time when the inbound call volumes are at an all-time high due to the pandemic,” said Ashish Mithal, Communication Product Partnerships, India at Google.

“Google’s Business Messages can significantly shorten the conversion cycle from Search and Maps especially for brands that get discovered through these channels. We are happy to bring this powerful new channel to Ameyo’s boutique of Omnichannel customer engagement,” said Sachin Bhatia, Co-founder, and Global Sales and Marketing Head at Ameyo. “By launching the cloud offering of Google’s Business Messages, brands can implement fast and get started with responding to customer’s queries within Google Search & Maps in less than 5 mins.”


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