Anthos simplifies application modernization with managed service mesh and serverless for your hybrid cloud


For decades, organizations built and ran applications in their own on-premises data centers. Then, they started deploying and running applications in the cloud. But, for most enterprises, the thought of moving all-in to the cloud was too daunting. They worried they would need different developers and tools for each environment, and that they wouldn’t have a consistent management interface to ensure the environments were compliant with their security policies. To address these challenges, we introduced Anthos, a services platform that brings applications into the 21st century, with the flexibility to run in any environment—whether it’s cloud-native or based on virtual machines.

Anthos announces new capabilities to further simplify your application modernization journey. They are Anthos Service Mesh, which connects, manages, and secures microservices; and Cloud Run for Anthos, which enables you to easily run stateless workloads on a fully managed Anthos environment

In addition, Anthos Config Management now includes capabilities to help your teams automate and enforce org-specific policies. Binary Authorization, meanwhile, helps to ensure that only validated, verified images are integrated into your managed build-and-release process.

Tame microservices with Anthos Service Mesh

Increasingly, many organizations consider microservices architectures to be an essential way to modernize their applications. But moving from monolithic applications to large numbers of microservices increases operational complexity. To address this, you can use a service mesh—an abstraction layer that provides a uniform way to connect, secure, monitor, and manage microservices. A service mesh uses high-performance and lightweight proxies to bring security, resiliency, and visibility to service communications, freeing your developers to do what they do best: build great applications. A service mesh helps you manage the lifecycle and policies for this intelligent data plane and gives you secure and easy-to-manage microservices-based applications.

Serverless flexibility and velocity across on-prem and cloud

Serverless computing provides you with a number of benefits: the ability to run workloads without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure, to execute code only when needed, to autoscale from zero to no depending on traffic, all wrapped around a simple developer experience.

Modernize application security to increase organizational agility

In addition to simplifying the development and operations of modern applications, Anthos includes guardrails that provide security by default. Enterprises can automate their security operations by enforcing consistent policy across environments, isolating workloads with different risk profiles, and deploying only trusted workloads.

Expanding the Anthos partner ecosystem

Anthos launched with more than 30 hardware, software and system integration partners ready to help customers adopt Anthos right out of the gate. Today, that number stands at more than 40, and partners report exceptional momentum for the platform.

A complete platform for modernizing organizations

With its comprehensive capabilities for container management, service mesh, security, monitoring and logging, as well as developer productivity, Anthos helps your entire organization benefit from application modernization. For developers, Anthos simplifies application deployment with access to services like GCP Marketplace and Cloud Run.


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