Arete launches incident response retainer program to reduce impact of cyber risks


Arete, a leading global cyber risk management company, has launched a new incident response retainer program to prepare organizations to respond to and prevent cyber incidents. The program is designed for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that often face breaches, resulting in a minimum of 6-8 days to recover despite having the best security solutions, backups, and strategies.

Clients’ cybersecurity processes will be evaluated and benchmarked against industry peers and best-in-class security practices. In addition, detailed cyber risk posture feedback will be provided to clients along with a roadmap for implementing the cyber risk management strategy. This program will enable SMBs to identify malicious threats already in their systems and determine whether any confidential customer information has already been leaked.

Arete aims to enhance businesses’ security posture at an organizational level and reduce the impact of potential cyber risks. The idea is to help SMBs assess their current cyber risk infrastructure in line with the changing security landscape and provide expert guidance through the journey to meet industry and regulatory requirements.

Mr. Raj Sivaraju, Arete’s President of APAC (Asia Pacific) said, “At Arete, we are constantly monitoring the threat landscape through multiple assignments and use cases and designing world-class security solutions for our clients. Our latest program aligns with this vision. This service is essential to enhance the businesses’ approach toward their information security program and incident management capabilities. We are excited to see the response and hope to deliver exceptional outcomes through this service.”

Arete will proactively share the intelligence gathered during reactive assignments and customize the client’s response plan to give them a clear picture of hidden costs, and unplanned downtimes, thus helping them make more informed security decisions. Clients will also have the option to enhance these services basis their needs or potential risks.



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