ASIRT hosts Honeywell, Quantum Networks and Schneider Electric on Techday

[L-R] Rakesh Patel, Country Manager – Channel Sales, Solution Business for APC by Schneider Electric; Sameer Ansari – Channel Sales Manager, Honeywell International; Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar, Business coach, Author, and Industrialist; Abhijit Potdar, National Head of Sales, Quantum Networks

The monthly Techday hosted by Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) for June, offered its Members, business opportunities and a mentorship session on cultivating a positive business growth attitude. With reputed companies like Honeywell,Quantum Networks & Schneider Electric as Co-Sponsors,the Members were offered exciting business opportunities to leverage cutting edge innovations. The evening also witnessed an insightful talk by business coach, author, and industrialist, Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar, on ways to develop a 10X business growth mind-set.

Acknowledging the occasion of International Yoga Day, and the significance of practising a healthy lifestyle, the evening began with a 15 minute unique session on ‘Desktop Yoga’ by fellow Member Pradeep Bhatia. Through guided activity, Bhatia helped Members relax with a series of simple but impactful stretching exercises which can be practiced even when sitting in front of the computer – perfect for entrepreneurs and IT professionals who spend long hours in front of the screen. This left the members well energised, setting the perfect tone for the evening.

The first Sponsor session for the Techday was hosted by Rakesh Patel, Country Manager – Channel Sales, Solution Business for APC by Schneider Electric, who highlighted the Easy UPS 3S and 3M solutions from their Secure Power Division. Showcasing the sturdy, agile, and easy design of the 3M UPS products range, Patel spoke about the its usage at Data Centres and Server rooms, apart from a wider range of applications in commercial buildings, Automation Control, Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Transportation, and in Telecommunication & Networking space. Introducing theGalaxy VS 3 Phase UPS system, Patel showcased its patented Hybrid technology and the green premium solution that offers 97% efficiency, increased availability and reduced operating costs, making it the best choice for superior Power Protection for critical Infrastructure. Apart from UPS range, Patel also presented their Edge Computing solution, the Micro DC FXI, which offers decentralised, local processing and storage of data for effective functioning of IoT device based products and systems. The highlight of the presentation, however, was the EcoStruxure-ready IT Asset Advisor, which is a data-driven cloud based software that allows 24×7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting apart from providing live sensor data, predictive analysis and easy connectedness to critical infrastructure function via this smartphone app. Speaking about his experience of presenting at ASIRT and the role of SI’s in the growth of APC, Patel said, “We are quite happy with the response we have received from ASIRT. It is a perfect platform for us as it comprises of Channel partners who form a large part of our sales strategy. As a Secure Power and energy solutions company, we work with a lot of small and large scale Data Centres and brands who rely on our agile and expert solutions for their continuous operations and growth. We look forward to a mutually beneficial engagement with ASIRT and its Members.”

The second session was presented by Sameer Ansari – Channel Sales Manager, and Kaustubh Mahakal – Solution Architect, West India both of Safety & Productivity Solutions – Honeywell International (I) Pvt. Ltd. After introducing Honeywell and its leadership position across varied sectors, Sameer Ansari introduced their Productivity Solutions offerings with a detailed overview of Scanners, Printers, Mobile Computer Products, and RFID product portfolios. He informed over the last few years, the barcode scanners and printers market in India has been growing on account of expanding organized retail industry, growing need for efficient warehousing & logistics, and favourable government initiatives towards digitization. He further stated Honeywell Barcode solutions’ products are completely aligned with the customer demand. There are specific barcode scanner products for different environments, like General Duty Scanners to track inventory and assets, Handheld Scanners which are retail-ready for high scan intensity work & rugged rubberized ones for warehouses, Hands-Free Laser Scanners to increase productivity reliably and at low operational costs, Healthcare Scanners to cater to unique barcode requirements of different Departments of Hospitals, Industrial Scanners which have industrial-grade rubberized casings to withstand extreme temperatures & even harsh chemicals and Pocket Scanners fit for highly mobile workers in a pockatable form factor. Highlighting their Mobile Computer Portfolio, Ansari showcased hand-held computers which can operate across iOS, Windows and Android OS and have found applications across Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Ticketing, Electronic Signature, Retail, DSD and other sectors.

The next presentation for the evening was by Abhijit Potdar, National Head of Sales, Quantum Networks. Presenting the cutting edge WiFi network solutions including Indoor and Outdoor Access Points, Potdar spoke about their Smart Network Operating System (QNOS) which offers reliability, manageability, security, and scalability, creating a strong foundation for the next generation cloud-managed networking.He also presented the Quantum Network Cloud Controller (QNCC) Management which offers superior Network health monitoring and troubleshooting access via an intuitive dashboard, mobile-friendly guest access and remote Maintenance and Firmware management. Highlighting the key solution offering for the evening, Potdar presented the Quantum Network Mobile App – QNAPP,for device configuration and monitoring – an innovative solution for managing and monitoring the real time wireless network performance using Mobile tools, making it an intelligent and simple solution for managing WiFi networks. Speaking about their experience at ASIRT and Quantum Networks’ commitment to channel friendly and smart solutions, Potdar said, “WiFi solutions today, although omnipresent, are still manually monitored and managed. We at Quantum believe in creating smart software and intelligent solutions that can add real value to businesses and transform customer and client experience. Our offerings are designed to create disruptive transformation across sectors like healthcare, hospitality, F&B etc., and with customised solutions, our clients are already leveraging on the same,- while our channel friendly approach ensures maximum profits through our solutions for our SI Partners. The fact that the entire operation, once set up, can be managed through a mobile app, reduces the time and resources as compared to manual troubleshooting. Presenting at ASIRT has been a valuable experience as it offers direct access to decision makers in the sector and we look forward to again participating at ASIRT events in future.”The evening then progressed to the much awaited Evolve session by Dr. Arunaagiri Mudaaliar, a reputed world-class business trainer, who shared insights on how Members could achieve a 10X Business growth mind-set. Through his enthusiastic and engaging session, Dr. Mudaaliar shared crucial understanding of how a positive, self-assured, and collaborative attitude can help transform the business and enhance growth potential. Some of the key gems of wisdom shared by Dr. Mudaaliar included the practice of the CRRK– Care, Respect, Responsibility and Knowledge paradigm that could assure success and growth while also speaking about how one can leverage the 5 M’s – Money, Manpower, Machine, Materials and Mind-set, for achieving one’s utmost potential.


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