ASIRT hosts TeamViewer for frontline workforce in their Techday event


The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) conducted its flagship 93 rd Techday for July 2021 in an online event wherein TeamViewer presented their innovative Assist AR, a comprehensive and scalable enterprise AR powered solution with secure Remote Support to augment frontline workforce. Mr. Nandak Pandya – Author, Transformational Leader, Business Interventor and Mentor to many Companies across various industries, was the Evolve Speaker who enthralled the ASIRT Members with his straight and frank talk to elevate roles of business owners in changed scenario.

The event began with President Mr. Tushar Shah announcing ASIRT reaching a new milestone with 200th Membership in its fold and promising to attract more such Entrepreneurs with varied and unique activities under its umbrella. He thanked current Board and all Members for their continuous support and active participation, be it in their Consortium Meets, Sports activities, Online Gaming or Gappa Tappa sessions – where Members feel free to open up on topics close to their hearts and have a tete-a-tete with fellow participants. He later called upon Founder Member, Arvind Singh to speak on his interaction with ASIRT Member – Ajay Patil, who went out of the way in the middle of the night to help hospitalize Mr. Singh’s nephew who had met with accident while playing, away from his home. It was a heart touching story and all were in praise of Mr. Ajay who would now be everyone’s 3am buddy. It spoke about ASIRT’s brotherhood and family bonding culture blooming, being cultivated over the years since its inception.

Next on the agenda was the presentation by Mr. Krunal Patel, Director and Head of Business, India & South Asia at TeamViewer. He informed that TeamViewer Ubimax Frontline solutions enabled companies of all sizes and from all industries to digitalize their business-critical processes through seamless connectivity. In this ever changing world various factors including natural disasters, pandemic etc can limit the movement of one’s Workforce and hamper companies in giving continued service to Customers. This Augmented Reality powered solution provides remote guidance through instant input via live audio and video, pinpointing exact areas with AR markers, sending text messages and sharing images and documents. It also has features such as collaborative peer-to-peer, encrypted AR session for remote support and recording of such sessions to accelerate future knowledge transfer to junior technicians. Mr. Krunal shared “This initial Augmented Enterprise Remote Support is a ready product with simple implementation. We have more than 30years of Development experience on Augmented Reality with acquisition of large AR companies. These fully integrated high security platform solutions with two-factor Authentication helps field employees and after sales support executives with strong capabilities and works with major hardware Smart Wearables”. Later he also showcased TeamViewer Pilot, another product for Maintenance and Repair operations to help Customers to save downtime, get fast remote service support, increase productivity & increased safety.

The Keynote Speaker for the Evolve session of the event, Mr Nandak Pandya, Chief Mentor of Dhyey Mentoring, highlighted on the New Dimensions in the roles of Business Owners. He started by mentioning Time being the 4 th Dimension, a co-ordinate in addition to length, breadth and depth in space. He further mentioned that the best Sales people are replacing traditional “Solution Selling” with “Insight Selling” – a strategy that demands a radically different approach across several areas of the purchasing process. This approach provides for 4 th Dimension of Retail Sales – the Customer Engagement, after brand
positioning on three characteristic dimensions – namely product, service and price. He explained business parameter which we normally talk about is Turnover and inquired whether your organization is ready for 10x Turnover if opportunity comes? He also probed further asking whether one has earned due respect from Customers in all these many years in Industry – relating to – service, right solutions, investing time and helping him in buying process, better communication etc. Mr. Nandak Pandya further informed that now Outside-in approach is the key to a thriving business model and one should celebrate the value creation after providing continuous elevated experience for Customer satisfaction by each person of the Team. ASIRT Secretary Mr Nilesh Kadakia thanked all Speakers and Members for sitting through all the Techday sessions and announced end of the event.


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