AskSid launches product discovery bot to help retail brands in consumer experience


AskSid, a Gupshup company, recently launched a host of artificial intelligence (AI) Bots, including the Product Discovery Bot, which is an AI-enabled plugin that helps retail and CPG brands make the product discovery process seamless and effortless for customers.

It allows customer service teams to eliminate human intervention in the product discovery process, minimize discovery time to a matter of seconds, and support customers at every stage of the decision-making process.

AskSid’s Product Discovery Software and APIs are designed to deliver frictionless shopping experiences. They are powered by AskSid’s retail intelligence models that support accurate product recommendations on customer searches, even for long-tailed keywords. AskSid’s retail AI models are proficient in identifying product attributes and tags, linking queries with a choice of recommendations that match the search, leading to higher conversions.

This plug-and-play bot has been successfully implemented by a leading European luxury retailer. The new bot has helped the retailer in numerous ways – from powering the search bar function to 24/7 chat support and guidance and more.

Dinesh Sharma, Co-founder and CTO, AskSid, said, “We designed the Product Discovery Bot to deliver a quick and hassle-free shopping experience to consumers by eliminating confusion on part of the shopper, and most importantly, experiences that are designed to result in a closed sale for a retail brand.”

This new feature helps strengthen its position as a conversational engagement provider that aims to deliver truly seamless omnichannel shopping experiences, through a multitude of bots that fix problem areas commonly faced by retail and CPG brands.


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