ATEN collaborates with BOSCH to offer Intelligent Control Solutions


KVM manufacturer and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions provider ATEN, recently announced its collaboration with BOSCH, to provide new-gen meeting technology with integrated control and system automation. Going forth ATEN’s Pro AV and KVM products will be integrated with BOSCH’s Digital Congress Network (DCN) Conference System to custom build the meeting technology needed for the development of modern enterprises.

The ATEN Control System, incorporating the ATEN Control Box (VK2100), the ATEN Configurator (VK6000) and the ATEN Control System App, is a standard Ethernet-based management system that connects all the hardware devices in a room or large facility to provide centralized control directly and effortlessly via a mobile device or a tablet.

“Enterprises depend on high-tech presentation equipments to create the perfect meeting environment. Here, the key to success would be in having a centralized control of devices for achieving accelerated decision making and increased reaction efficiency. ATEN Control System provides simple and effortless automation for any room to easily connect the hardware, design the control panel and access any device by a tablet. With ATEN Control System operators can switch the function of a room with a push of a button and have customized control of each device without limits” said Shyam Tambatkar, Product Sales Manager – ProAV at ATEN.

ATEN Control System comes with the following advantages:

1. Intelligent Control:The devices can interact and respond to each other intelligently through pre-programmed actions to perform a fully automated series of advanced operations

2. Real-time Synchronization: Actual equipment status is synchronized in real-time across all control interfaces, enabling conflict-free control among multiple users simultaneously

3. Simplified Setup: The ATEN Control System is deployed in 3 easy steps: Connect, Configure, and Control. Easily set up and customize control patterns without any programming knowledge

4. Effortless Expansion: Highly expandable with a wide range of ATEN expansion boxes, a database of 10,000+ device drivers, and support for popular control standards and protocols including KNX, HTTP(S), Telnet, TCP, UDP, and over IP

5. User-centered convenience: An advanced, single-software solution creates intuitive control interfaces for any mobile device while specific needs can be conveniently tailored by selecting from an extensive library of action options and design elements

6. On-the-Go Control: Support for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices facilitates centralized control of different rooms via user-defined profiles with simple point-n-tap operations

BOSCH’s digital discussion systems are highly sought-out by the industry, and their outstanding performance could greatly improve the efficiency and fluency of meeting communications. With the integration of BOSCH’s digital discussion systems, such as DICENTIS, DCN, and CCS1000D, ATEN is able to manage meeting systems through one-touch operation.

ATEN’s solution allows for convenient side-by-side sharing of information from multiple sources, across either wired or wireless connections. With ATEN’s technology, connecting devices to the right feed, on the right display, at the right time is only as troublesome as swiping a thumb across a tablet.


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