ATEN launches 4K single display KVM over IP Extender for Control Rooms


ATEN, the largest KVM manufacturer in the world and a leading provider of AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, has announced the newest addition KE9950 to its KE Series of KVM over IP Extenders. KE9950 eliminates the distance restrictions of control room management and provides remote access to operators to ensure a faster response time to mission-critical data center emergencies.

KE9950 provides access to a computer system from a remote USB console (USB keyboard, USB mouse, Display Port monitor) over an intranet, enabling users to locate computers in a secure and temperature controlled environment, which is isolated from users’ workstation.The ATEN KE KVM over IP Extenders utilizes AES-128 bit encryption to secure all data before it’s transmitted over a network and is decrypted on the receiver end to ensure secure data transmission with no eves-dropping.

The KE9950 4K Display Port Single Display KVM over IP Extender consists of a high-performance IP-based transmitter KE9950T that connects to the computer and receiver KE9950R that provides console access from a separate location. It is suitable for facility situation rooms, network operation centers; utilities process control centers, traffic management centers, retail surveillance centers, broadcast distribution, command control centers, and much more.

“KVM over IP Matrix System combines KVM over IP Extenders with KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM) to extend, control, monitor and access Display Port/HDMI/DVI-interfaced computers across an independent network with flexible configurations. Whether you are monitoring, operating, controlling or extending computer access, the KVM over IP Matrix System is made adaptable, to fit an endless variety of working environments and workstation settings,” said Vittal Salunke, PSM – Sales Division I at ATEN.


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