ATEN unveils Unizon for centralised remote connectivity


ATEN has unveiled its integrated AV management software called Unizon in India. ATEN Unizon is a server based software capable of centrally monitoring, controlling and managing ATEN Modular Matrix and Video Matrix solutions remotely by AV and IT professionals.

This centrally managed software easily integrates device condition monitoring, global control/scheduling with access and location management to enable users to remotely manage multiple ATEN Ethernet-based AV devices simultaneously worldwide.

“With the proliferation of network equipment in multiple geographical locations, there is a critical need for an integrated system to centrally manage the dispersed equipment to ensure constant uptime and smooth business operations. ATEN Unizon allows AV and IT professionals to manage and monitor critical devices within your network in real-time,” said, Shyam Tambatkar, Product Sales Manager – Sales Division I at ATEN.

The software allows automatic detection of real-time device condition such as temperature, and helps to perform proactive maintenance to avoid potential device failure. The system alerts and notifications help troubleshooting to further reduce downtime. ATEN Unizon offers a 5-level location tree that allows easy navigation of device location and defines User Roles so that information can be accessed by relevant people only.


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