Athenta Technologies drives datacenters for an improved integrated infrastructure management


Athenta Technologies, a platform-based company which specializes in integrated infrastructure management business has come up with significant changes in a few Infrastructures. It has enabled its customers to control and administer their respective infrastructures with ease and confidence. Following the legacy of the “Make in India” theme, Athenta has produced a product line which is  befitting for the Indian Infrastructure.

Besides this, Athenta has successfully ventured its operations, internationally. The company has efficiently managed a large datacenter of an International Airlines for half a decade now. It has conceptualized the best practice by creating “Standard Operating Environments” for various solutions that helps in bringing the costs down, while offering a higher TCO.

Athenta DCEYE is a solution which was developed to manage a running datacenter. It is a DCIM tool which helps datacentres to manage operations, administration and management at 360 degrees. It starts with assets inventorying, which were stranded in different islands in a large datacentre, limiting their usability and value. It is a tool that can compute the computational power and electrical power simultaneously to finally address the issue of PUE. DCEYE is known for its business intelligence that guarantees to bring down the PUE in any datacenter, steadily.

Gopal Joshi, Director Sales, Athenta Technologies stated, “In today’s India, Datacentres are the focal point of their organization. Any kind of interruptions in a Datacenter can lead to a tremendous loss for the organization. It is thereby imperative to have an end to end management of Datacentres by breaking the silos between IT and Facilities, while still managing their interdependencies.”

“Athenta DCEYE also helps in setting up a central command that can manage, multiple Datacentres in different locations with multi-tenancy feature.” added Joshi.

A good DCIM tool is the one that helps the DC manager to get top information of its datacenter on multi-faceted dashboards prompting necessary actions to resolve issues, once and for all.

Under a single umbrella, Athenta’s DCEYE provides IT Service Management (ITSM) that manages the IT tools and applications, inventory, service lifecycle, and monitoring performance, of all assets in the DC; Datacenter Facility Management (DCFM), managing the Interdependent electrical network along with HVAC, UPS’s, DGSET’s, Rack’s, iPDU’s, etc effortlessly.


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