Aurionpro and Google partner to bring wallet solutions for public transportation


Aurionpro Transit, a subsidiary of Aurionpro, facilitates the integration of its app-based and ORS ticketing solution with Google Wallet. Passengers can now:

· Plan and ride public transport seamlessly. After purchasing a ticket, the commuter can store it in Google Wallet as a co-branded card or or QR code pass/ticket. Within the app, a customer can plan the journey or select one using Google Maps, and directly purchase the ticket for interoperable, hassle-free travel.

· Have a single, organized destination for fast, secure access to boarding passes, loyalty cards, event tickets, and public transport tickets, making them easily accessible when you need them.

· Store and review tickets using Google Wallet. If the customer has enabled smart personalization settings in Gmail, some tickets and passes received via email – for example, bus and train tickets – will automatically appear in their Google Wallet for a select set of partners.

Sanjay Bali, CEO Aurionpro Transit adds: “Being able to communicate in real-time with passengers as part of the pay-as-you-go (PAYG) experience is a huge leap forward. This project will benefit riders, giving them visibility into the savings made through PAYG. Moreover, it offers operators a pathway to develop relationships with PAYG passengers and create a real sense of membership and valued loyalty. Using Google Pay for transit payments ensures a quick, seamless, and secure process. We aim to help people feel more in control of their spending and encourage use of sustainable transport.”


Highlighting the significance of this launch in bringing new levels of convenience for Android users across the country, Ram Papatla, GM & India Engineering Lead, Android at Google, expressed, “The arrival of Google Wallet in India marks an important milestone in Android’s journey in the country, bringing innovative and convenient experiences to simplify daily life. We are delighted to partner with many of India’s top brands, including Aurionpro solutions Limited, to offer a comprehensive solution enabling secure access and management of everyday essentials. From boarding passes to loyalty cards, and event tickets to public transport passes – they’re readily available when you need them.”


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