Automation Anywhere and TalentSprint collaborate to build RPA workforce


Automation Anywhere and TalentSprint have announced the launch of a Talent Development Center Initiative for India. The center will enable students from select engineering institutions to obtain the Master-Level Certification and the ability to access career opportunities across the Automation Anywhere ecosystem. As a part of the initiative, TalentSprint will conduct bootcamps, online classes and practice labs, with certifications offered by Automation Anywhere.

Milan Sheth, Executive Vice President for IMEA at Automation Anywhere, said, “In a fast-changing digital world, the skills that companies expect and require are shifting rapidly. The RPA revolution will have profound implications on future career trajectories. We are certain that India will serve as a major talent hub for our ecosystem. The Automation Anywhere University is already playing a pioneering role in creating best-of-breed RPA professionals worldwide, and we are delighted to join hands with TalentSprint to multiply our reach and impact across India.”

“At TalentSprint, we continue to expand our portfolio of deep tech programs for young and experienced professionals who seek to build career for tomorrow. We partner with world-class academic institutions and global corporations to bring future-proof skills and aspirational certifications within the reach of such professionals. We are delighted that Automation Anywhere has chosen TalentSprint as their preferred partner to build a talent development center for high-skilled RPA professionals. This initiative, upon reaching steady state, will produce one thousand certified graduates annually. This is great news for young professionals, engineering institutions and system integrators,” said Dr Santanu Paul, CEO and MD, TalentSprint.


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