AverMedia Launches AW315 Wireless Microphone for Teachers

AVerMedia, a multinational company specializing in hardware for image capture and video transmission, has unveiled AW315 Wireless Microphone. The AW315 microphone is designed keeping in mind the requirements of teachers in this digital world. It is an ideal solution for daily teaching. With 2.4 GHz wireless technology, noise and speaker buzz reduction, this hands-free device not only gives total freedom to interact with students, but it also delivers the natural voice in great clarity and stability.
The AW315 comes with a built-in ground loop noise isolator, which can reduce ground loop problems caused by ground potential difference, prevent electromagnetic interference and prevent noise. AW315 provides two different speaker connection modes. It also has a Line in jack, which can be connected to other audio sources. The microphone is able to maintain a constant 360° connections to the receiver eliminating signal loss and channel interferences. Unlike IR microphones’ need for line-of-sight, or FM microphones ‘channel limitations, AVerMedia 2.4 GHz microphone always stays connected for clear, stable audio no matter where you are facing. The microphone comes with 350 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery which can be use for 8 hours from a single charge.
The receiver can pair and receive signals from two sets of microphones at the same time. The connection status can be clearly seen through the LED lights on the panel. It comes with a microphone charging stand, which can be charged directly by plugging it in. There is also a wall-hanging hole on the back of the receiver, which can be hung on the wall without occupying the desktop space. The appearance of the charging stand is relatively simple, purely designed for the convenience of charging the microphone. In addition to the charging stand, it can also be charged through the Micro USB port on the microphone. The size of the AW315 wireless microphone is very lightweight, weighing only 32g, and there is no burden even if one holds it in their hand. The power button on the microphone, can be turned off to save power when not in use, and the volume can also be directly controlled. The AW315 microphone body also comes with 3.5mm microphone input, which can be connected to a mini ear hook microphone to receive the sound, and the AW315 can be clipped to the belt or placed just in the pocket. The microphone comes with Receiver, 3.5 mm audio cable / 3.5 to 6.3 mm audio cable, USB power adapter, USB charging cable x 2, Lanyard & buckle and a Quick guide.
Price, Availability and Warranty
AW315 Wireless Microphone comes in three categories, with One channel it comes with an MRP of Rs.21574/ -, Two channel: MRP Rs. 30238/ – and with Two channel with charging dock: MRP Rs.34571/ – carrying a warranty of 2 years and is readily available for purchase at mdcomputers across India.



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