AVEVA’s Value Chain Optimization Solutions Enhance Enterprise Collaboration and Agility

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AVEVA has announced enhancements to its Value Chain Optimization offering to enable customers to eliminate information silos and integrate critical business processes across the operational value chain.

AVEVA’s Value Chain Optimization solution, in recent news, brings together software from across its portfolio that help operators and manufacturers manage their supply chain, operations and process optimization across key industries including Refining, Petrochemicals, Metals, Mining and Materials, Food and Beverage, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Water and Wastewater. It also helps operators drive efficiency, make better and faster decisions, reduce cost and create new opportunities across the operations value chain.

Companies are dealing with a legacy of disconnected processes and working to bridge them to create end-to-end visibility is the foundation for operational digital transformation,” said Harpreet Gulati, Head of Planning and Operations, AVEVA. “Value Chain Optimization presents a unique opportunity to orchestrate all business and operations activities across the supply chain from feedstock acquisition, planning, scheduling, operations and distribution. AVEVA’s Value Chain Optimization solutions have enabled organizations globally to transform their operations, by improving refining margins by up to $0.70/barrel, improving mining asset utilization by 20 percent, reducing water use by 30 percent, and improving productivity by 20% in food processing. ”

Industrial operations have grown over the last 20 years with poor integration from a legacy of point solutions involving manual data transfer or custom software which has resulted in operational silos across the value chain. AVEVA’s strategy helps organizations address these challenges and create a collaborative environment instead of business or process silos. In this way the operations lifecycle can be managed in a comprehensive, flexible and connected manner that brings transparency to the decision-making process across the value chain.

Market volatility, demand fluctuations and competitive pressure is driving industrial operators to become more global and vertically integrated as they seek ways to continue to create efficiency, take cost out or identify new opportunities to drive organizational profitability,” commented Gulati “AVEVA’s Value Chain Optimization solutions, combine Cloud technology and Digital Twin innovations with analytics to help operators break down silos and foster better collaboration, enabling our customers to realize the benefit that comes with unlocking their value chain.”

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