Avi Networks continues to outpace incumbents with over 250 new features for multi-cloud


Mumbai — Avi Networks, a Multi-Cloud Application Service provider, has announced that it has more than doubled its revenue and number of customers each year for the past three years. Hundreds of global enterprises — including the world’s largest financial services, media, and technology companies — now use Avi Networks for their core applications across data centers and clouds.

The world’s largest enterprises are replacing their legacy ADCs (application delivery controllers) with the Avi software platform for both data center and cloud use cases. Over 80% of enterprises, in head-to-head evaluations, select Avi Networks over a hardware or software appliance from traditional vendors.

“There’s a reason we take so many customers from legacy vendors,” said Avi Networks CEO Amit Pandey. “We remain the only enterprise-grade solution that deploys consistently across all environments. In response, legacy vendors are developing siloed solutions for each environment or attempting to modernize through acquisitions. Meanwhile, our architecture and controller technology is years ahead and getting better all the time. It’s no wonder that enterprises are choosing Avi Networks for their business critical applications.”

Instead of managing hundreds of physical or virtual appliances, Avi customers can dispatch services like load balancing and web application firewall to any application using one centralized interface. Avi’s technology effortlessly spans bare-metal servers and private and public clouds, making it a natural choice for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

In addition to running anywhere, Avi Vantage works equally well with containerized applications. Avi’s new Universal Service Mesh integrates Istio to extend a single fabric across clusters, regions, and clouds to manage, monitor, and secure traffic externally and internally.

This year, Avi Networks has also updated its platform with over 250 new features, including advanced controller and process analytics, client log streaming, and the release of Avi SaaS — the world’s first cloud-managed load balancing solution.

Avi’s growth includes recent office expansions in Australia, India and the Netherlands to support research and development facilities around the world.

The expansion follows Avi’s $60 million Series D funding last year, which added Cisco Investments to Avi’s existing investors. Avi’s total funding is $115 million.


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