Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) Group Deepens Strategic Partnership with TIBCO in India


Bahwan CyberTek (BCT) Group, a technology innovation company delivering digital transformation globally, through IP-led products and solutions and novel outcome-based business models, announced that it will deepen its existing strategic partnership with TIBCO Software as a preferred service provider for TIBCO’s products and solutions in India, including TIBCO CloudTM Integration, TIBCO’s integration Platform-as-a-Service.

The partnership will allow BCT to leverage TIBCO’s innovative solutions, combining it with BCT’s exceptional knowledge of the market and technical expertise, enhancing the on-boarding of new clients across the private and public sectors.

“The TIBCO and BCT partnership is based on our mutual strengths, combining technology leadership, domain expertise, and complementary intellectual property to deliver transformational value to customers,” said, Erich Gerber, Senior Vice President, APJ and EMEA, TIBCO. “BCT’s ‘Connected Innovation’ approach has enabled it to deliver large-scale, complex, and mission-critical solutions to Fortune 500 enterprise customers. This deeper strategic collaboration will allow us to continue delivering sustained value to our customers in India.”

Through this deepened partnership, BCT also aims at accelerating digitalization and delivering transformational value across the public and private sectors, enabling companies in India to leverage game changing, data-driven business intelligence through streaming and predictive analytics.

“It is an ideal time for BCT to strengthen this partnership with TIBCO. The demand for digital is higher than ever and has become a necessity for businesses looking to transform rapidly. Organizations are under pressure to integrate disparate systems, devices, and assets to make sense of their data,” said S. Durgaprasad, Co-Founder, Director and Group CEO, BCT Group.

The BCT Group has also expanded its offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune, and accelerated the acquisition of talent in these locations to support the existing core team of professionals to support its expanding TIBCO customer base in India.

TIBCO Cloud Integration Available to Indian Customers

BCT is a preferred partner in India for TIBCO products, including TIBCO Cloud Integration, which is a market-leading multi-persona iPaaS (integration Platform-as-a-Service) that enables customers to rapidly connect, integrate, and develop modern APIs and apps. It offers a tremendous degree of flexibility for customers to consume, deploy, and scale integration services across hybrid cloud environments in order to best meet their business requirements and existing application development processes.

“We will continue to harness TIBCO technology and solutions, such as TIBCO Cloud Integration, in compelling ways, especially matched with BCT’s innovative IP-led solutions. Given our strong presence in the Indian market, BCT will continue to co-create exceptional transformational solutions for the country,” said Durgaprasad.


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