Barco expands its portfolio for hybrid meetings with the addition of the ClickShare Present range


Barco is about to expand the highly praised and awarded ClickShare family to enable businesses to prepare for a smooth return to the office and step into the new reality of the hybrid workplace. Completing the recent wireless conferencing range with two new models of ClickShare Present, our wireless presentation & collaboration solution, we offer customers worldwide the freedom to equip hybrid meeting rooms according to their own requirements, existing ecosystems, and company IT policies.

The hybrid meeting technology that puts people first

“There’s no going back to the way we worked before. We’re no longer prepared to slog to every meeting in person. And the virtual meeting has its shortcomings too. Instead, we are going for something better than both, which we call hybrid, a seamless blend of the physical and the virtual, of in-office and remote,” says George Stromeyer, Senior VP and GM Enterprise, Barco.

Mixed working and collaboration solutions like ClickShare take center stage in this new era. We reinforce the capabilities of high-end video technology and bring meeting participants closer together. ClickShare enables seamless, highly engaged collaboration no matter where employees are working. With a full range of wireless solutions, we encourage businesses to re-enter the hybrid workplace safely and effectively and offer exactly that technology that fully matches their business and IT requirements. ClickShare puts the employee at the heart and fosters both engagement and connectivity.

“In the past, technology has tried to recreate real life meetings. But in-person meetings aren’t perfect. At Barco, we have a different approach. We start with people. And how every person can be at their very best. Engaged. Agile. Fully involved. Inspiring each other. Only then we create the tech that makes that happen,” ​George Stromeyer continues.

One range, two flavours

”With ClickShare, our wireless presentation and conferencing hub, we make hybrid collaboration seamless for all. No matter where we are – in Barco Experience Centre in Singapore or at our workstation at home, all we need is one click to start collaborating and share content. Participants can engage in an immersive conferencing experience in a matter of seconds,” Olivier Croly, Vice President for APAC in Barco explains.

With the introduction of ClickShare Present to the meeting room ecosystem, we now offer a solution for any customer wanting to turn existing conference rooms into fully equipped hybrid collaboration rooms. ClickShare Present is a seamless extension to wirelessly share content in your existing meeting room setup. Customers with existing Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex conference rooms can benefit from adding easy, wireless content sharing. ClickShare completes the collaborative experience with full BYOD, interactivity features and workflow integration. The focus shifts from mainly conferencing to true hybrid collaboration.

On the other hand, the fully agnostic ClickShare Conference models, launched successfully last year at ISE in Amsterdam, unleash the power of BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) by bridging to remote participants through your video service of choice. ClickShare Conference gives users the freedom to organize hybrid meetings the way they want and where they want. They host calls from their laptop, use their preferred UC&C platform, and wirelessly connect to the meeting room display and AV peripherals. Any meeting room can easily be redesigned into a wireless hybrid meeting room by adding ClickShare Conference.

Making hybrid collaboration flow in one click

ClickShare offers IT managers the freedom to choose between plug & play collaboration with the ClickShare Button or powerful workflow optimization with the ClickShare Desktop App. Both empower hybrid meetings through the same, simple, intuitive experience.

The Button is an instant plug-in for both employees and guests, while the App can be pushed through an MSI to all employee laptops. ClickShare is the perfect match for any digital workplace strategy. Touch or touchless, Button or App. It is the customer’s way of working, the customer’s decision.

“ClickShare is simple, easy and wireless. Users decide how they want to present with no complex set up of room devices. You can ‘bring your own meeting’ anytime in a secured manner to achieve intuitive teamwork by collaborating with remote colleagues,” Marc Remond, Vice President of Meeting and Learning Experiences for Asia Pacific in Barco clarifies.

Introducing a complete portfolio: connected, secure at heart and enterprise-grade.

The new ClickShare Present range consists of 2 different models for wireless presentation in existing VC rooms.

The entry C-5 is ideally suited for huddle spaces and small meeting rooms, offering the key functionalities of wireless 4K content sharing.
The high-end C-10 is the perfect companion for interactive collaboration in any meeting space, adds enhanced video performance and a set of interactivity features such as touch back support, moderation, blackboarding and annotation to make users truly connect and click in meetings.

The entire ClickShare family is connected, IT-grade and matches your network configuration, whether in standalone, connected or fully networked mode. As ISO 27001 certified product, our focus is entirely on security and central management, which is essential for IT compatibility. Using our XMS management dashboard, you can easily manage and update your units, and you get useful insights into behaviour in the workplace. All units feature Barco’s SmartCare offering, including five years of coverage, advanced access to Barco’s helpdesk and a license to the XMS Insights module.


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